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Web Analyticsmeasuring your online impact

Web Analytics: The management dashboard of your online presence. Data that tells you how you are doing – what’s working and what isn’t.
aka: user stats, web stats
Almost synonymous with: Google Analytics, tracking, hits (yuch), cookies (yum), log file analysis
Not to be confused with: the solution to every problem, web usage statistics

“What gets measured, gets managed”

If you are spending money, you need to know if it’s effective spend or not. Web analytics can tell you what spend should be cut and what activities should be expanded. It keeps things moving forward.

Data overload is a common problem. Google Analytics in particular, provides such a sea of information that gaining actionable insights can be very difficult, but they are there. And when discovered, the impact on your bottom line can be dramatic.

Attacat Web Analytics Services

We have a team, all with the official Google Analytics qualification who can provide you with customisation, intepretation, training and/or the solving of one-off thorny technical issues.

We can also implement a suite of other tools and processes for gaining data and feedback about your website and online marketing effectiveness. All as part of a bigger picture.


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