First Minister opens the Attacat office

Abstract plus art by Rosco Brittin

A little bit of Attacat history

When we moved to George Street in April 2011, we were privileged to have the office opened by Scotland’s First Minister.

There was a degree of luck in that the opening coincided with the 2011 Scottish parliamentary election campaign.

At the time the only tax the Scottish government had control over was business rates. We were able to be part of the narrative around small business rates relief helping businesses to create jobs.

A large press entourage came with him and the office was used as the backdrop for the day’s news coverage including an in depth interview on Channel 4.

At that point in time none of us had any idea how divided politics would become over the next decade.

Nevertheless, given the chance, we would welcome any democratic First Minister to open our next office. It was an exciting and very memorable day for us and our families.

Abstract plus art by Rosco Brittin

The grand opening

It’s fair to say that smartphone cameras have come on since then!

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