Qualified Google Advertising Company

 Being a Google Partner

  Click here to Verify Attacat’s Google Partner Status In late 2004, Google announced its Professional Advertiser Program and launched a number of facilities for agencies, such as Attacat, and internet marketing consultants to aid the management of multiple client accounts. As part of the program, they also unveiled a professional qualification designed to demonstrate a level of competency in managing campaigns on Google’s pay-per-click product, Google Ads. The qualification requires professionals to both pass an exam and to have managed a minimum level of expenditure over a period of at least three months. The qualification allows individuals to display the Qualified Professional logo. As a company who has managed Ads accounts since Google AdWords was first launched in 2002, Attacat very much welcomed this development and is fully committed to the program. All your Ads campaigns with Attacat will be managed by a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. Over the years, this has allowed us to grow as trends change and keep our team up to date with the latest training, certifications, and conferences

Google Elevator

In mid-2015, we were chosen as one of 20 UK agencies (out of a possible 30,000) to be a part of a new initiative from Google Partners called Google Elevator. The agencies chosen are ones that Google has considered to have shown great growth within the past few years with great potential to continue the momentum.  The Elevator program includes a Google Business Coaching program that our MD, Tim, has been apart of over the past few months and will continue to partake in into 2016. It includes sales masterclasses and ongoing coaching which will increase our knowledge and skills within the agency and allow us to continue growing and offering the latest tips and strategies for our clients. We are also excited that, come January, two more of our team, Charlotte and Jon, have been nominated to take part in a “Squared Online for Elevator agencies” course, designed to turn our agency’s rising stars into digital leaders. It offers them a top qualification which will, in turn, assist in continuing to set Attacat apart from our competitors. Our PPC superstars, Rasmus and Andrew, have also had the opportunity to participate in advanced certification boot camps in London over the past couple months, again allowing us to stay ahead of the upcoming trends in digital marketing and prove to our clients our team are experts across the Google product offering.

Google Ads Qualified Company

In early 2006, Google introduced a further qualification for companies as opposed to individuals. Attacat met the criteria (and of course still does) to gain the qualification straight away. This includes having more than one full-time Qualified Professional and managing a spend in excess of US$100,000 a quarter. Click here to Verify Attacat’s Google Partner Status

Update to Google Ads Qualification Status – April 2010

Google have made an update to the examination process to increase the difficulty & expand the remit of the Google Ads Qualified company status.  Attacat have moved forward with this rapidly, having all staff members fully qualified with both the Google Ads Fundamentals Exams & Google Ads Advanced Search exams all passed before public release.

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