Andrew Morgan

Head of PPC

Andrew hails from Wales originally and his love of competitive sport is apparent in and out of the workplace. A natural in the world of PPC, he’s finds himself right at home in social advertising.

More about Andrew

Andrew joined Attacat in July 2014 and quickly established himself as a core component of the PPC team.  This Welsh boyo with his unmistakable burly laugh has an easy-going attitude and a keen interest in his clients’ results that make him a hit with the team.

Outside of AdWords, Andrew discovered a new niche as our resident Facebook guru. This title makes sure he keeps the rest of the Attacat lot in check and up to date with the latest insights and best practice. He is also now experienced in programmatic marketing and is eager to continue developing this service for all his clients. It’s safe to say that what Andrew doesn’t know right now, he’ll know tomorrow.

Being a naturally competitive lad, Andrew strives to be the best he can at whatever he puts his hand to. Within the PPC world, this often means that he is always striving to better his clients’ historical performance by making them more money. The only downside to this competitive streak is that he hates being beaten at table tennis – which can be a regular occurrence.

Andrew is fully qualified in all areas of AdWords and Bing. He has also attended PPC conferences and training seminars throughout the UK to ensure his knowledge is up to date with the industry’s best. If you’re looking for a safe pair of hands to maximise your PPC return, then Andrew is certainly your man.

Which Attacat Character?

Andrew is most like... Fergus - the ???

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