Charlotte Hardy

Organic Team Leader

Charlie, our resident search and content guru, is no shrinking violet. She’s confident in implementing full digital strategies, working on outreach and PR and brewing tasty pumpkin beers!

More about Charlotte

Charlotte (or Charlie as she’s more often called) has been with Attacat for over five years, having first completed a summer internship with Attacat in 2010 whilst still at university. Her expertise lies mainly in organic strategy, technical SEO and content marketing. She has experience in the travel, hospitality and e-commerce sectors.

Charlie is confident in the implementation of full digital strategies, with the ability to work from a creative and technical standpoint, and the communication skills to make it happen. As with all Attacat team members, she is used to working with both the Attacat and client teams to bring projects to fruition, whether it involves SEO, CRO, PPC, or any other digital marketing skill. This means Charlie has risen through the Attacat ranks quickly.

Her qualifications include a BA (Hons) in Communications, Advertising and Public Relations from Napier University in Edinburgh, as well as a certification in Digital Marketing with Squared Online.

She spends her free time travelling with her young family, taking her Spaniel, Loki, for big walks by the seaside and brewing delicious (and strong) beers.

Which Attacat Character?

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