Colin Mackay

PPC Account Manager

Colin brings the ultimate service with a smile attitude to Attacat. Could it be that his fantasy football team won? Maybe he's born with it? Maybe it's all the caffeine...

More about Colin

Hailing from the North of Scotland, the office’s lowest-ranked table tennis star is the driver of the ‘office tea train,’ easily getting through close to a gallon every hour.

With a background in hospitality stretching back to the neolithic era, Colin jumped into the world of PPC after completing two degrees in Marketing, most recently an MSc from Edinburgh Napier University.

Easily Attacat’s most exciting team member, Colin’s greatest passions in life are statistics and football. When he isn’t poring over his fantasy football team and footy accumulators, his love of data takes him keenly into the world of PPC.

Colin specialises in shopping feeds and product pages, making him a great fit for e-commerce clients. He works on strategies and optimisations for both ads and landing pages. His passion for statistics allows him to find anomalies that can be used to drive the major paid search advertising accounts that he runs – increasing their revenue and improving their cost-effectiveness.

Which Attacat Character?

Colin is most like... Fergus - the ???

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