Tim Barlow

Managing Director

The founder & old timer with 17 years internet marketing experience. Been doing PPC before Google were, SEO long before AltaVista died and Social Media was called 'talking'.

More about Tim

Tim is a real guru of search marketing, having been in the game since the late ’90s when we thought the internet was all about that awful dial-up buzzing noise and chat rooms on AOL. His knowledge is never-ending when it comes to technology, understanding all the ins and outs from website functionalities to the hot new Google products and the latest iPhone apps. (He is renowned for his excitement over Google Wave – oh well, can’t win them all).

Although he specialises in online marketing, Tim’s brain doesn’t switch off when it comes to anything business, being that entrepreneurial type who is always tempted to give you a whole business plan over a pint. In the office Tim ‘the self-confessed chocoholic and tea-belly’ is easily pleased with a fresh cuppa and a dairy milk. Generally, however, he gets more satisfaction from helping like-minded businesses create a website that works, sells and gets found on Google.

A father of two, Tim keeps us entertained with delightful stories about stinky nappies and naughty nursery days… and of course, being the devoted e-dad that he is, the tots (both under 3 years) already have their own domains waiting for them when they discover that Incy Wincy crawls along more than just drains…

Which Attacat Character?

Tim is most like... Fergus - the ???

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