Milking It! 5 graduate roles available at Attacat

We’ve got not 1, 2 or even 3 jobs available.  In fact we aren’t even stopping at 4. No. We have 5 whole lovely jobs available right now for bright, easy to get on with graduates.  Yes we did say 5.


15/10/2012 Revised closing dates announced:

Software developer – 28th October

Graphic Designer – Closed

Internet Marketing (PPC) – Closed

Content Marketing – Closed

What’s the thinking here? We only advertised the jobs for a week initially so we could keep things moving.  Since the closing dates we’ve had quite a few people wanting to apply.

We have been inundated for the content marketing role so have decided to not reopen that.  For the Internet Marketing (PPC) roles and the graphic designer roles we have a good number of applications but have also had some good informal applications that missed the deadline so we want to be able to include them in the process.  This also gives others the chance to shine before Sunday.

The response to the software developer role has been disappointing in terms of raw numbers (we have not assessed the quality of any application yet).  Talent Scotland have advised us that the short timescale we put on the job meant that it wasn’t as fully promoted as it would have been otherwise so we are giving the role a further two weeks.  If you know software graduates, then please send them our way.

11/10/2012  If you would still like to apply, we will be re-opening all but the Content Marketing role.  Please keep an eye on Talent Scotland website over the next 24-48 hours.

05/10/2012 – Here’s the video from this morning’s hangout in all it’s technical glitch glory

04/10/2012 – We are hosting a Google Hangout at 11.30am on Friday for anybody who wants to find out more.  Details here >>

04/10/2012 – A number of people have asked us about the restrictions imposed by Talent Scotland.  Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this which is very disappointing. One slight positive note is that they will accept anybody who has graduated within the last 4 years, rather than the 2 they indicate on their website.

This recruitment drive is part of our plans to single-handedly turn around Scotland’s employment figures!

Well, OK maybe that’s a little over ambitious…but every little helps.

So whilst we are not going to make much of a dent on Scotland (just yet), we are intending to significantly improve the overall service we provide to our ambitious clients and that’s why we need more talent on the team.

We are not new to graduate recruitment but we’ve never made such a big step change as this, so it’s exciting times for all parties involved (in our mind anyway!).

the jobs

We are recruiting for a variety of different skill sets so there’s probably something for a graduate from almost any industry.  In no particular order:

Software Developer

Add online marketing skills to your coding mindset. £18-£24k

Attacat are beginning an overhaul of their internal processes and procedures for delivery of online marketing to their clients. Your role will be to provide the technical expertise as part of this process.  You’ll be creating tools to allow the whole team do their jobs more efficiently as well as offer new services.

You’ll be using your PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript skills and be learning a lot as you try out new things on an almost daily basis.  One particular and important additional part of the role will be to become an expert in custom implementations of Google Analytics as measurement underpins all that we do for clients.  You can also expect some of your time to be spent acting as a technical interface with our development partners and customers’ technical teams.

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Graphic Designer

Passionate about visual communication? This one’s for you. £16-20k

Attacat already have quite distinctive branding, however we need someone who can bring this to life on a day to day basis and ultimately do the same for our clients.

We are currently carrying out a major overhaul of internal processes and procedures.  Part of this will include a refresh of all our supporting and marketing collateral including the website, reporting and indeed all round explanation of what we do.  Your role will be to add the creative flair required to make it all interesting, easily understood and visually appealing.  This is a service that will also appeal to our clients.

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Publishing & Content Marketing Executive

Ideal position for a journalist graduate. Position closed

Content marketing, brand journalism, whatever you want to call it, it is one of the hottest areas in online marketing today.

It is something that Attacat have been delivering for clients for many years but just not calling it that. However the time has now come for Attacat to carry out a full review of our content marketing processes and procedures and to turn it into a more coherent and scalable product.  That’s the challenge we want you to accept!

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Internet Marketing Graduate (PPC) Executive x 2

Suitable for any graduate with a grasp of basic stats. £16 to £20k

Managing paid search (PPC) is part of Attacat’s DNA.  We have an idea up our sleeve for a new service offering in this field and we want you to come and help us to develop and launch this.  Clearly to do this job well, you will need to get firsthand experience of managing campaigns so you will therefore spend a good proportion of your time assisting the PPC team in the day to day delivery of PPC management for clients.

PPC marketing might sound a bit on the geeky side but it has become a mainstream form of marketing.  Increasingly it is the method by which advertising is being purchased, presenting a very real threat to traditional methods of media buying.  How do you fit into this? You’ve shown you have the ability to learn through getting your degree. Now you need to develop a highly sought after business skill to get your career started. That’s the opportunity we can give you.

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permanent or placements?

The roles are only 12 month placements. Boo.  However the expectation is that they will turn into permanent positions.  Yay!

We are approaching this process with the mindset of this being your opportunity to prove to us that you are indispensable.  If you can do that, one way or other we will find a way of creating a position for you.   We know how hard it is to find good people so once we find you, we will want you to stay.

We are investing exactly the same amount of effort and diligence into this recruitment process that we normally do and we will invest just as much effort into training you.  You will be treated as first class Attacats!

how to apply

Talent Scotland are managing the process for us so please apply through them.

tips for your application

The Talent Scotland (rather more formal) process is quite different to our normal one but if your application passes the initial screening done by them, your applications will then be handed over to us for review.

At that stage we will be looking for people who have put extra work into the application process and really go out of their way to demonstrate a real interest in us and what we do.  We seriously value enthusiasm.

You might want to review the following slightly out of date but still relevant “How to Get and Entry Level Job at Attacat” presentation.  Our jobs page is also worth a quick visit (and signing up for future job alerts too).

We hope to meet you at the interview stage.

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