Start In Marketing, End Up CEO

The Benefits Of Marketing Careers

With our current graduate recruitment round underway, I find myself shouting about the benefits of starting your career in marketing. One of the greatest benefits of marketing careers, in my opinion, is where they can lead. There are ample opportunities which have been bolstered by the changes brought about by the internet.

Whilst I’m not the first to realise this, it has become very clear that the marketer is playing an increasingly central role in the management of business. Almost 1 in 5 FTSE 100 CEOs now have a marketing background. CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) was not a title you used to hear – now it is one of the most coveted.

Attacat Marketing Careers

The Old Corporate Ladder

Sales was always considered one of the greatest routes for those with ambition to rise to the top. The sales team has always been the primary route to market. It has remained closest to the needs of the customer and brokered with operations to make the two see eye-to-eye.

Sales people have always been the metric-centric ones. They have owned the core KPI required for growth. They boast the enviable skills of forging relationships and not taking ‘no’ for an answer – great traits for any business leader.

A New Route To Success

However it is increasingly the marketer who is living and breathing the customers’ needs and driving the evolution of the company’s offering. More and more the sales KPI is owned (or at the very least loved as much by) the marketer. The customer satisfaction KPI has also grown in importance. The marketer increasingly “owns” the principal route to market – the digital presence.

Nowadays it is the marketer who needs to be the tenacious one. Finding opportunities in problems is their bread and butter. Motivating and persuading people, within and outwith the company, is essential. Keeping a close eye on the financial fundamentals is par for the course. A marketer has to be the person that makes things happen.

Could that person be you? If you are ambitious, marketing is a great place to start your career. If you agree with me on that, we’d love for you to start your career with us.

Attacat Marketing Careers


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One thought on “Start In Marketing, End Up CEO”

  1. Andy Morley says:

    Hi Guys, great little post, I know a lot of digital marketers who have gone on to either a) set their own agency up (like i did) or b) Become directors either in house at a company in other sectors or c) Risen up the ranks internally at large Digital Agencies.

    I used to keep telling my younger junior team members that there is a huge opportunity in digital marketing for a great career.. if they put the effort in.

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