Comparison Between Adobe Campaign and HubSpot Marketing Hub

Adobe Campaign v HubSpot Marketing Hub

A recent survey by G2* carried out a comparison between the above two products which we think is of interest to people who are thinking about using marketing automation and analytics tools as part of their customer relationship management strategy.

Price shouldn’t always be the criteria, but one of the things that HubSpot does very well is allow SMEs to start using their marketing hub for free and pricing it as the business grows and needs more features. You can also have a free trial of any of their pricing models

Marketing Hub Free £0.   Marketing Hub Starter £38 Per Month.

Marketing Hub Professional £655 Per Month.  Marketing Hub Enterprise £2,624 Per Month.

HubSpot also makes this information available on their website whereas you need to get a quote from Adobe, and they don’t offer a free trial. So, it is difficult to compare the two products on price.

One other significant point to note is that the HubSpot platform is based on it being a CRM. In other words, if a business does not already have a customer database, it’s included in the HubSpot package. If a business does have a CRM, then HubSpot will likely be able to integrate with it too.

Adobe Campaign does not have a CRM built in.  Not an issue if the business already subscribes to Adobe Marketing Cloud – although that is only available as an enterprise solution. It is likely that it will be able to integrate with other CRMs although that will be an additional cost. If HubSpot was required to integrate with another CRM rather than using the inbuilt one, then there would be an additional cost for that integration as well.

Features Comparison

G2 looked at the following features and compared both products.

Email1 Email2 Email3

So, when it comes to using the platform as a marketing tool, it is clear that HubSpot scores better in every criterion compared to Adobe Campaign. Using the tool however is only part of the process and when it came to measuring the results, Adobe Campaign started to score better.

Email4 Email5 Email6

Then when it came to comparing the two as marketing automation platforms and the ability to integrate with other marketing automation software, then HubSpot once again scored better.

Email7 Email8

The final area of comparison considered all the above and asked which was rated the best across a number of criteria.


The above will come as no surprise to HubSpot users, as the business was started as a pure play marketing platform based around a CRM that targeted SMEs. It was therefore: always easy to set up, always easy to use, and always had exceptional support. On that basis it has grown into a hugely successful company in a relatively short space of time.

At Attacat, we are a HubSpot Platinum partner and would endorse the above. We’ve worked with many businesses from SMEs to large corporations, and yet to find a company that HubSpot can’t help to deliver better results across marketing, sales and service.

And because it started life as a dedicated marketing platform  it has always been possible to integrate existing software with HubSpot. This has been a big help to companies who already have invested in other platforms and don’t want to take a risk of ditching that for something completely new. In our experience, what tends to happen is that businesses do eventually migrate over to HubSpot because of its ease of use and therefore make a saving by only having to work with a single platform.

If you would like to discuss using HubSpot further as part of your marketing strategy, then please make an appointment and we’ll give you and your team a demonstration of the product in action.


* G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential.


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