Was there a Google algorithm update in September?

There have been reports of a huge amount of volatility in search results over the weekend of 3 September, and while it’s ‘early days’ we’re starting to see impacts of what is likely a core update to the Google ranking algorithm.

Both Mozcast and Algaroo have shown a big spike in movement in the Google search results pages:

mozcast september google update algaroo september google update


What’s been affected?

It looks as though there has been a big shakeup of Google local, so local-intent searches and results have been noticeably impacted.

Secondly it appears as though content-rich sites may be benefiting, so content-thin sites or ecommerce may be more impacted. We’re also seeing some evidence of recognised brands getting another boost: Google have made it clear that users want to see brands they recognise.

You can read more information on SearchEngineWatch.

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