LINK: What in the name of Google is a ‘Panda’?

It’s time for another SEO infographic and ‘link of appreciation’. This one comes from Cognitive SEO and it nicely explains some of the secrets behind Google’s ‘Panda’ update.

I’ve been with Attacat for only four weeks and the update was among many topics being often mentioned in Attacats’ conversations.

While being a newbie and not having much previous experience with SEO, I was especially happy to find this infographic describing key attributes of the update and what’s most important, without the ‘techie’ jargon.

For me, one of the most interesting features is the increased influence of social media. Twitter updates, Facebook likes and Google +1’s are having more and more of an impact on our searches which is bringing new opportunities.

On the other hand, we need to remember to take the following infographic with a pinch of salt. I’d love to hear your opinions. Please comment below if your website has been affected by the update in any way. Below is the condensed version, see the full one here.

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