Newsletter – August 2022

Welcome to Sofia

Sofia Ignatiadi has joined us as a Junior Software Engineer. Sofia recently completed CodeClan’s 3 month intensive Software Development course and is currently learning all about integrations and HubSpot.

Before that, Sofia worked in business banking at TSB as a Know Your Business analyst.

Away from work Sofia has an thirst for learning; already a Greek, Russian and English speaker, Sofia is now learning Spanish….and how to play the bass guitar!

1% for sustainable growth™

Since 2019 we have put aside 1% of our turnover to support initiatives that will deliver “sustainable growth”. By sustainable we mean both environmentally and financially. And we’re now embarking on our first project:

A co-working space in Africa

The idea was to establish an environmentally friendly coworking location that facilities self-learning and business start-ups using the power of the internet.

We knew we needed a partner and in 2021, Attacat’s Hannah Porter introduced us to the Memusi Foundation which leads educational development programmes with schools in Kenya and Tanzania and is led by the incredible Matthew Norton.

The building will be located in Magadi in Kenya which is just over 110 km south west of Nairobi.

Building key features:
  • Natural ventilation system reducing temperatures by an average of 10°C
  • Walls constructed from stones collected by community locally – previously building materials had to be bought in from Niarobi with associated environmental and financial cost

Work started on 17 August 2022

We’ll keep you posted throughout the project, but if you would like to learn more about this project and 1% for sustainable growth™ then please click on the link below:

App integrations

Digitally transform with powerful integrations

If you find yourself having to manually copy data from one system to another, or have to switch between multiple different pieces of software to get a particular task done, you’ll know how time-consuming (and boring!) this work can be.

In this article we look at the following integrations to save you time and money:

  1. Ecommerce integrations
  2. Email integrations
  3. Sales integrations
  4. Customer service integrations
  5. Call integrations

If you would like to discover how integrations can help your business, click on the link.

More insights:

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Watercooler Day July 2022

This year’s Watercooler Day took place in Gladhouse reservoir in Midlothian. Water was still the theme this year as we tried our hands at paddle boarding. Partners and children were welcome too, followed by a highly enjoyable BBQ and drinks party.

Here’s a taste of what we got up to.


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