Newsletter – September 2022

Google are ramping up “visual”

Rather than a mini-budget, Google had a mini-I/O* in the form of their “Search on 22” event.  They showed off lots of changes coming to search including Shopping, but the key take-away is Google is becoming more and more visual both in terms of its inputs (e.g. search for a product using a photo) and outputs (more visual results). It’s time to really invest in developing and organising your visual assets.

*I/O is their annual developer event where they normally showcase all their shiny new stuff.

Hi Liam

Liam Gate has joined us as our PPC Growth Manager. Liam has spent the last three and half years working on SEO and PPC for the global healthcare market and also brings a design & build and training background to the team. With all that experience, Liam has hit the ground running and is already working on new strategies with our clients.

Liam is also a keen musician playing both guitar and keyboards. Any other downtime is spent looking after their young family and when the chance permits, enjoys playing snooker..

What’s your communication style?

Our team’s communications training program continues. This month we have been looking at how different people like to be communicated with.

The starting point is finding out your own communication style which we have all been doing. However you can have a go too! Fill out this 2 min questionnaire (courtesy of the company training us) and see how you are most like on our team!

Do tell us your style to help us adapt to the way you want to be communicated to!

HubSpot Inbound 2022

It’s been a busy month with HubSpot’s INBOUND conference and many new product update announcements. Here’s one that we feel is significant.

Add Date Delays in Workflows

HubSpot is introducing a new type of workflow delay that lets you delay a workflow until a specific calendar date or until the date value in a date property, in any object type workflow. [Read More]

Why do we care? It means you can make your marketing workflows much smarter by aligning actions with dates that are important to your business e.g. business events or to date-focused data you are collecting e.g. customer birthdays.

*for Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise users.

For the full list of the updates announced at Inbound 2022

How to reduce the negative impacts of postal losses for customer service teams

Research from Citizens Advice found that over a single year, five and a half million (one in ten people in the UK) had a parcel lost or stolen.

At a time where creating long-lasting customer relationships has never been more important, ensuring the buying journey is seamless from when a customer lands on your website to when they open the parcel in their homes must be a priority for ecommerce companies.

In this video, Hannah Porter, Senior Inbound Marketing Manager at Attacat, shows you how HubSpot can help to increase the visibility of postal loss information for your company, and enable you to make data-driven decisions to save your customer service team time, money and to avoid a lot of frustrated customers.

More insights

There’s a lot more information, insights and “how to” articles in the Attacat Brain section of our website. Here’s our most recent:


1% for sustainable growth™

Our first project to build a environmentally friendly coworking location that facilities self-learning and business start-ups using the power of the internet at Magadi in Kenya is progressing well. Work started on the 17th August and the building work was completed on 15th September.

It has still to be painted and then work starts on adding the solar panels, furniture, workstations and access to the internet.

We’ll keep you posted throughout the project, but if you would like to learn more about this project and 1% for sustainable growth™ then please click on the link below:




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