A Thank You to our Entry-Level Job Applicants

UPDATE 11/10/10 – We did it – here’s the outcome.

We are going to do exactly what I suspect every recruitment consultant and employment lawyer would tell us not to do.

We are going to hold a get together for all those who either applied for, or wanted to apply for, our recent entry level internet marketing role as a means of giving feedback and saying thank you.

  • Time: Thursday 7th October 2010
  • Venue: Central Edinburgh (TBA)
  • Format: Likely to involve beer
  • Entry is totally free but we’d be pretty p’d off if you sign up but then don’t pitch up!

We have been completely taken aback by the number of applications for this role and are also very humbled by the quality of the applications.  We have recruited a good few times in the past for this position but it’s never been as competitive as this.

It is certain that in our recruitment process we will have missed out on one or two stars.  That annoys us probably as much as it annoys those who missed out but sadly, that is the nature of the recruitment process.

A couple of our unsuccessful applicants who we have already had a chance to speak to have asked for feedback on their applications.  So as a thank you to everybody who has put such efforts into their applications, we thought it might be helpful to have a small event to allow us to buy you a drink but more importantly to provide collective feedback.

The working title for this event is “How to get into the Digital Marketing Industry: The Attacat Perspective”.  Depending on the number of people we get, the event will either take the format of a chat around the pub table or a slightly more formal presentation with Q&A if numbers grow.  The event will be on Thursday 7th October at 6pm at a city centre venue yet to be decided upon.

There’s two things we ask of those who come along:

  1. You agree to allow us to share, on an anonymous basis, aspects of your application (including any conversations in addition to your written application).  We may also use this anonymous information in our website etc. (Sounds a bit Big Brother Tim: @AttacatJoel)To help us highlight good practice or areas of improvement to the attendees you will allow us to potentially share, on a completely anonymous basis, small aspects of your application during the get-together and subsequently – I repeat, they’re totally personally unidentifiable – on our website etc. Nobody will be made to feel uncomfortable, we’re just looking at small pointers that could help everyone with the opportunity to use real-life examples.
  2. You agree to be nice to us and generally leave your recruitment laywer at home.

If you’d like to come, please book in here:

Didn’t apply for the job but want to come anyway?  Fill out the form and if we get over subscribed we’ll find a way round it. (We are only buying beer though for those who applied – we’re tight like that)

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3 thoughts on “A Thank You to our Entry-Level Job Applicants”

  1. Kelly Forbes says:

    What a great idea, I can only imagine the sheer talent that’s going to be attending this event. Congratulations. nnI think “How to get into the Digital Marketing Industry: The Attacat Perspectiveu201d sounds like a perfect future blog post. Please do share your hints. (pretty please)

  2. Tim Barlow says:

    Interesting. We’ve hardly ever had a thumbs down (see above) for our blog posts, yet on this one we have 5 (so far!). It would be really nice to know what’s caused the upset.

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