The 10 Most Useful HubSpot Integrations For Every Business

HubSpot integrations are one of the platform’s secret weapons. If you’re currently using lots of different tools and having to jump between platforms, or need to manually compile data from different sources, then HubSpot integrations are the solution to your problems.

Integrations on HubSpot connect different platforms, giving you easier access to multiple data points and helping your different departments to work together better as a team. But what are the best integrations? Let’s take a look.

What does HubSpot integrate with?

HubSpot integrates with hundreds of different third-party applications, making it easier for these platforms to share information with HubSpot – and vice versa. Integrating HubSpot with other types of software is useful for businesses of every size and in every vertical. Whether you’re focused on selling products and services, need to connect with your customers, or want to optimise workflows across your company, there are HubSpot integrations to benefit you.

Best HubSpot integrations

Of course, the best integrations for you will depend on your needs, and whether you need software to power up your sales team, simplify your marketing efforts, make analytics easier, improve workflow, or support with content creation. But to get you started, here are some of our favourites, chosen from over 900 integrations available in the HubSpot App Ecosystem.


PandaDoc and HubSpots native integration allows you to generate and edit sales collateral, contracts and other documents directly from HubSpot. It allows your Sales & Account Management team to pull Deal, Contact & Company information such as address, name & deal amount directly into your proposals.

Combined with eSignatures, this integration can enable Sales rep to automate reminders to necessary team members as soon as the eSignature has been completed, streamlining the handover process between Sales & Delivery.

With detailed analytics and tracking, on the number of views, opens & clicks you can have full visibility over the performance of each document.

This is a great integration for Marketers that send out a lot of guides & brochures as well as Sales reps with their proposals and quotes.

HubSpot calendar integration

You can sync HubSpot to either your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, meaning that

you can create a meeting in your CRM, create a calendar event for the meeting and send invites, all from HubSpot.

Similarly, if you create an event in either your Google or Outlook Calendar with someone who’s a contact in HubSpot, it’ll appear in their contact record timeline. With the HubSpot meetings tool, your prospects can simply pop onto your calendar and book out a meeting slot that works for both of you, saving you both from back-and-forth emails about potential meeting times.

If you use Calendly for appointment scheduling, you can also integrate it with HubSpot, allowing you to embed Calendly onto your HubSpot website and in emails. Any time a meeting is created, rescheduled or cancelled, it’ll automatically update the information in HubSpot.

This is great for Sales Managers, who are now able to attribute the impact of different types of meetings to each and every closed or lost deal in HubSpot.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for sales reps, and the LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to keep up to date with all of your contacts, allowing you to message people outside of your contacts, conduct advanced searches, and create custom account lists.

If you use HubSpot Sales Hub, you can integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get all of the tool’s features within the CRM, making it easier to make new connections and follow up with your existing ones, without having to switch between platforms. You’ll also Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator information like recommended leads and connections on your HubSpot company records, helping you to better understand your key accounts.


If you use Xero for your accounting, why not integrate it with HubSpot? Doing so will ensure you have a full overview of your cash flow from within your CRM. It makes life easier when your sales team can create invoices directly from HubSpot, knowing that they’ll be automatically synced to Xero for approval from your accounts team.

With the integration, your Xero contacts will be available in HubSpot making it easier to keep on top of inbound sales and ensuring any changes automatically get pulled through to your CRM so you don’t lose valuable information or waste time making manual updates. Having an overview of where your customers and prospects sit helps your sales and customer service teams to determine whether there’s an up- or cross-sell opportunity.

If you are an Account Manager or Customer Service Rep who needs to be able to see at a glance if your customers are up to date on all their payments, or when their next payment is due then this is a really useful integration. Removing the need for you to jump between systems.


Salesforce, like HubSpot, is a CRM – so you might be wondering, why would you need to integrate two rival platforms? Well, if your marketing team uses HubSpot but your sales team uses Salesforce, it’ll make life easier for both departments if you sync them up to ensure that data is shared and any changes are automatically synced between platforms.

Syncing up these two platforms could be what you need to close the loop between your sales and marketing teams, ensuring they stay aligned and working towards the same common goals. You can use the data from your Salesforce contacts to personalise marketing emails or to segment your database, and you’ll be able to tie specific marketing campaigns to revenue with better insights into your leads and wins.


If you struggle to keep on top of who’s who for your different prospects and client accounts, then you need OrgChartHub. You can build organisational charts for each of your accounts within the HubSpot CRM, and every member of your team can easily add and edit the charts without having to switch logins or platforms.

Integrating the two means you can easily add any HubSpot contact properties to your cards to give your team extra insights, and you’ll be able to monitor sales and marketing activity across stakeholders and accounts using activity heatmaps. This makes it easy to spot anywhere you might be over- or under-servicing clients or prospects.


If you use Slack to communicate with colleagues, then integrating it with HubSpot will make your life much easier. As well as getting HubSpot notifications directly in Slack, you can also create a task and associate it with a contact, company or deal in HubSpot from Slack without having to switch platforms.

Integrating the two platforms will make it easier for you to link up the dialogue happening internally with what your sales pipeline looks like. You’ll also be able to save time when you’re on the move by using slash commands to search for and share a HubSpot CRM contact – perfect when one of your reps is en route to a meeting and needs as much information about the attendees as possible!


Shopify & HubSpot are able to integrate seamlessly, enabling you to bring inbound into your marketing mix. Allowing you to analyse your shopify data in HubSpot, the integration brings with it a suite of reports, including average order value, lifetime order value & abandoned cart recovery rate.

Use shopify data to segment audiences for email marketing & ad audiences to deliver a personalised experience to all of your customers. Use the combination of Shopify & HubSpot data to report on the impact of your sales team in driving e-commerce sales via Shopify & vice versa.

WhatsApp Integration

With more and more businesses using WhatsApp as a communication channel, it’s important that you can now integrate those conversations with HubSpot. The WhatsApp integration allows you to communicate directly with your customers and record all support conversations on the HubSpot Contact timeline.

It will even integrate with HubSpot Workflows so that you can automate your WhatsApp communications. You will also be able to receive notifications for new messages from WhatsApp which can add leads to the HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot PayPal integration

Although HubSpot announced new native payment processing at their INBOUND 21 conference, this is currently only available in the USA. Until it’s rolled out to the rest of the world, consider integrating HubSpot with DepositFix, which allows for payment via Stripe and PayPal.

DepositFix allows you to customise the payment process, all of which can be controlled via your CRM. Some of the things you’ll be able to do include:

  • Accept payment on your HubSpot landing pages, keeping clients on your website
  • Segment contacts in HubSpot using payment fields
  • Add custom fields to payment fields
  • Send receipts using HubSpot email workflows
  • Manage billing information within the CRM

Insycle Data Management

It’s important to keep on top of your contacts in HubSpot, otherwise, you’ll end up with incorrect data. Whether that’s due to user error or the passage of time, it’ll have an impact on your bottom line, with Gartner finding that the average financial impact of poor data quality on organisations was $15 million per year. Cleaning up your data will save time and improve employee efficiency, as well as improving customer satisfaction and making for more efficient, targeted marketing campaigns.

Insycle Data Management does the hard work for you by fixing data errors at the source. When you integrate it with HubSpot, you’ll be able to automatically fix incorrect data entries in HubSpot Workflows, merge duplicate contacts, and ensure entries are formatted properly. You’ll also be able to automate data clean up using schedules and workflow integration.

Interested in finding out more about integrations, or need a hand in getting them set up? Get in touch with us today for a chat about our HubSpot integration services.


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