Where to get Mac ‘n’ Cheese in Edinburgh

At Attacat we’re great lovers of Macaroni Cheese. Here’s a few of our favourite lunch-time haunts in Edinburgh:

Hectors,Stockbridge, Edinburgh


Seasoned with pepper and mustard, this hearty dish is a winner in our eyes.

Good points: Nice crispy brown topping

Bad points: Doesn’t come with chips or salad but hey there’s so much there you don’t need anymore!

Tip: Don’t order a starter.

£6.25 – a sit in meal.

UPDATE: We recently visited Hectors (as we usually do once a week-ish) for lunch to enjoy this tasty dish… to then find that they have removed it from the menu – we were truly shocked and disappointed!  The other food was delicious, but we really want the Macaroni Cheese back! Please help us out by joining our Facebook group!

UPDATE 9 July 2010: We won the battle! Hectors have now put “The Legendary Macaroni Cheese” back onto their menu for good! We shall no longer starve!

UPDATE 21 January 2011: Sadly since the refurbishment, Hectors have removed the Mac ‘n’ Cheese off the menu…AGAIN. But it is still a great place to eat and highly recommend the Butternut Squash Tart – massive and lovely.

Food Glorious Food, Central Edinburgh

(On Charlotte Street or Hanover Street)


Home-baked and super tasty with the occasional lump of melted cheese mixed in, this is a good takeaway option!

Good points: Fast service & enough to fill you up.

Bad points: Too far from our office (ok maybe not) no crispy topping.

Tip: Get there before 1.30pm as it’s usually gone quickly!

£3 – takeaway or sit in meal.

The Links, Meadows, Edinburgh

A surprisingly amazing experience – home baked and extra cheesy!

Good points: Some added veg thrown in – counts towards your 5-a-day!

Bad points: Service can be slow on a busy day.

Tip: Get there early to claim a seat if you’re going on a match day.

Around £5-£7 – sit in meal.

Appetite Direct, Stockbridge, Edinburgh


A tasty treat that leaves you hungry for more.

Good points: Made with sweet, juicy cherry tomatoes.

Bad points: The tub is only half full – or half empty.

Tip: Take the salad to fill up your tub – because if you don’t you’ll still be left with half a tub of mac n cheese, not a full one.

£2.95 – takeaway / sit in.

Dolce E Salato, New Town, Edinburgh

(Brandon Street)

Macaroni Cheese Dolce E Salato

An alternative homemade version from a wee Italian Bakery.

Good points: Light, fresh and comes with a delightful italianio smile-ah!

Bad points: Not as cheesy as some may like it.

Tip: Take parmesan for a more cheesy flavour & they’ll happily do half & half if you get tempted by the gnocchi!

£4.20 – takeaway / sit in.

Chequers, Broughton, Edinburgh

(Broughton Street)

Oven baked macaroni, from the sandwich bar & takeaway shop at the top of Broughton Street.

Good points: Quite filling, good texture and comes with a crispy cheese topping, which is a must if you ask me!

Bad points: Tastes a bit more like cornflour than really cheesey.

Tip: May need to add more seasoning to get more flavour than flour!

£3.00ish – takeaway.

Stockbridge Tap, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

(Raeburn Place)

Pub grub style mac ‘n’ cheese with a decorative edge.

Good points: Fresh home-cooking and counts towards your 5-a-day.

Bad points: No grilled cheese topping and lacking in volume (we gave this feedback).

Tip: Ask for extra cheese and if you’re starving get a side of the hand-cut chips.

£6.95 – sit-in.

If you are also a normal person (someone who loves macaroni cheese) and can suggest anywhere else in Edinburgh – please let us know below!

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