Content marketing

Attract and retain the right type of customers by adding so much value to your target market that they cannot live without you.

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“Content” means different things to different people. For some it means blogging. For us it means creating entire customer experiences that expands what your company offers to your customers.

You make money on your great product or service. Your content engages your target market in the times they aren’t needing to use your paid offering.

Your content sells by helping. Helpful content increases word-of-mouth, social shares and your search engine rankings.

Content can be the remarkable finishing touch to your business model, helping you to reach those long-term goals that feed into your bottom line.

Core skills

Content audits

Content strategy

Content production

Data-based content


Outreach and PR

"The team at Attacat work hard and they genuinely “get us”. They have a sound understanding of what we do, what we’re about and where we’re going and their work delivers results’"

- Douglas Wilson, Director at Highland Titles

The Attacat content marketing difference

Few content marketing providers look at the whole customer journey. We can do both shiny and practical.

Add to your customers' lives

We have a clear, developed process for content marketing that has helped us to design useful, affordable and remarkable content strategies for our clients. Our key goal is to produce content that your audiences love, need, and cannot live without while, at the same time, ensuring it meets your overall marketing goals and objectives. Here is why you should invest in content with Attacat:

We create a personalised editorial content calendar

We pride ourselves on developing a deep understanding of your business and your target audience(s)

Hundreds of ideas are brainstormed, covering a range of topics relevant to your target audience

We place a team of skilled people at your disposal, comprising writers, content strategists, SEO specialists and designers

We create content assets that are recyclable, scalable, trackable and, most importantly, follow a clear strategy

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"[Your input] was invaluable and we now have a direction for the group - at long last!"

- Lindsay Coleman at Superseven

Attacat's long history of content marketing

Tim put his first content marketing strategy together back in 1998 for a power-station-scale energy storage company.

Even then it was clear that content that added value and transparency could attract customers whatever the size of the deal (100s of millions in this case).

Attacat was then founded in 2003 to deliver growth from content and search.

Be a company they can't live without

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Arrange a free consultation to discuss your content marketing opportunities.

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