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Email as part of the
customer journey

Often associated with automated email, inbound marketing and HubSpot, good marketing automation software is really just highly flexible workflow automation software.

Many of our clients come to see it as software that enables them to do many things (both internal and client facing) that they used to have to get a developer to do. Some jobs that marketing automation software enables:

  • Sending a thank you email when someone fills out a form
  • Sending a follow-up email if they don’t open that email or have looked at a page on your site
  • Sending a reminder to your sales team to follow-up a proposal
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Personalising your homepage to a user based on where they are in the customer lifecycle.
  • Automating internal processes

Core skills

Customer journey mapping

Vendor selection





Ongoing management

"Attacat ... bring together expertise in HubSpot customisation and online lead generation to make a really powerful sales and marketing combination. "

- PJ Darling, Owner at Ittria

The Attacat marketing automation difference

As a Diamond Hubspot partner we have the skills and resources to transform the way you interact with customers from marketing to customer service.

Your weapon of "mass interaction"

The power of marketing automation lies in its ability to offer personalised experiences.

Previously all that was required was a semi-functional website, however, fast forward and the digital game has shifted. It is now a competitive landscape where you must go to the client: presenting your offerings in their mailboxes, social feeds and where they proactively go to research such as search engines, marketplaces and even voice assistants (Alexa, etc.).

How does automation fit within your business?

The role of marketing automation software* is to make all of this possible and more. The software allows you to offer personalised experiences wherever your customer happens to be, whilst storing information which will help to improve their experience. If you are in ecommerce, it’s likely your ecommerce platform will be doing some of this. We can help you extend it so it does it all. If you sell by generating leads then you’ll likely need some software like Hubspot. Again we can make that happen for you.

Together let’s map the customer journeys and then map to the software so your customers get a better experience and you reap the financial reward.

*Marketing automation has come to mean slightly different things to different people. We’ve just sought to set out how we see it.

Abstract plus art by Fiona Mares

"Attacat and Hubspot have totally transformed our business. It’s like night and day."

- Stacey Gibson, Group Communications Director at Verdant Leisure

Why Attacat became experts in marketing automation

With a long history of email marketing and driving leads from paid search, marketing automation was an obvious solution for ensuring that the leads we were generating were being properly nurtured all the way through to sale. After all if you can’t show leads are worth generating, a paid search campaign will whither however good we may think the leads may be.

Our email marketing service morphed into a proper marketing automation offering in 2014 with a partner that was presenting itself as a low-cost Hubspot clone. The hidden cost was in the horribly glitchy nature of the software and the customer support. That drove our move to Hubspot who have now become a core partner and their software is forming the bedrock of many of our clients’ customer infrastructure.

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