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Gain a consistent stream of profitable customers from your Google Ads campaigns by using our cutting-edge PPC managers and leveraging HubSpot's full power.

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Maximise the profit
from your Google Ads

PPC advertising (which is still dominated by Google Ads) is a mainstay of most businesses and one of the fastest routes to growth for many.

We work with both new and existing advertisers who want to make the absolute most of the medium whilst sticking to ROI or profit objectives.

With the ever increasing cost of clicks, the value of having a team that focus on both the ad side and the customer nurture side has never been so high.

Core skills

Management to profit

Shopping feeds

Lead nurture

Landing pages

Balancing automation

Data integration


The Attacat PPC difference

A 20-year record of delivering up to 500% increases in sales

  • Certified and experienced account managers
  • Scotland’s most nominated agency - Google Premier Partner Awards.
  • Expert users of HubSpot tools to convert clicks into long-term customers

Not on HubSpot? No problem! If you don't have a suitable system, we'll get you up and running on a low-cost basic HubSpot subscription!

Outstanding results from combining Ads with HubSpot

Clients new to our PPC management typically experience demonstrable improvements almost overnight. We achieve this through truly understanding:

  • The power of HubSpot for making the most of every click
  • Your business
  • Your customers
  • The myriad of products within Google Ads

Ongoing growth then comes from rapid adoption of new formats and using HubSpot. We use HubSpot to enable you to outsmart and outbid your competitors by:

  • measuring the success of your ads
  • enhancing your ad targeting with first-party data from your CRM.
  • nurturing leads and customers
  • tailoring landing pages

We significantly invest in our partnerships with both Google and HubSpot to ensure early access to new tech, additional insights and top-tier customer support. That has been recognised consistently in the form of award nominations and business growth support.

The best way to see the Attacat difference is to get us to audit your account.

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"The team at Attacat work hard and they genuinely “get us”. They have a sound understanding of what we do, what we’re about and where we’re going and their work delivers results’’

– Douglas Wilson, Director at Highland Titles

A long history of PPC

PPC was Attacat’s first service and indeed is what led to Attacat becoming Attacat in 2003 rather than it just being Tim offering his time.

The ability to prove what spend was leading to revenue was the key to PPC becoming the dominant form of digital advertising.

The continuous drive to improve campaigns ultimately led us to our focus on HubSpot including HubSpot's ability to:

  • turn PPC clicks into sales-ready leads;
  • demonstrate the worth of those leads.

It is also a key driver behind our Google Analytics skills which come from being religious about proving ROI.

Arrange your free PPC audit today

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One of our certified PPC managers will personally review your Google Ads account and arrange a 1 to 1 to talk you through the opportunities they find. 

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