Free 'Cookies in use' button for your website

Worried about the EU Cookie Directive? Use this tool to generate an unobtrusive button to appear on your website to notify users of your cookie policy.

WARNING: This button may or may not help you comply with the law, so you use it entirely at your own risk. We think that using it is, at the very least, better than doing nothing at all.

Position on screen

Top, left                Top, right                Bottom, left                Bottom, right


Address of your cookie policy/info page:


Style of button

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Code for your pages

Set your options above, then click ‘Generate code’. Copy and paste this code into every page of your website before the </body> tag:


Code for your cookie info page

Copy and paste the following code to your ‘Cookie information page’

<a href="" ><img src="" alt="Cookies in Use button" /></a>

WARNING: Use of this button does not guarantee compliance with the EU Cookie Directive. We think it helps, but please do not shoot us if we are wrong. Get yourself a compliance plan here.