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What gets measured gets managed

If you are spending money, you need to know if it is effective spend or not. Web analytics can tell you what areas could be cut and what activities should be expanded. It keeps things moving forward.

Data overload is a common problem. How many times have you been into Google Analytics and thought, ‘that’s interesting… and so is that… and that…’ but come away unsure of how to act on what you have learned?

Google Analytics is an amazing tool. To get properly actionable insights out of it, however, you need to be:

  1. asking the right questions
  2. prepared to customise the standard out-of-the-box set-up.

We can help you with both of these; applied correctly, the impact on your bottom line can be dramatic.

Common set-ups

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  • Revenue and goal tracking
  • Reporting across multiple domains
  • Linking with CRMs
  • Google Analytics for mobile apps

Measurement strategies and audits

Want an in-depth analysis of the performance of your website? Perhaps you need a measurement strategy to give you the numbers your management team will pay attention to? We have the analytical capability to show return on investment from your digital marketing, getting you the answers you want.

Back in 2009, Google launched its first qualification for professionals working with Google Analytics (GA). We qualified within three hours, much to the amusement of the Scotsman. This qualification has now moved under Google Partners, another badge we have held since its inception – check out all our badges.

Google Analytics training

Having the in-house skills to make use of GA is a common wish for any company investing heavily in digital marketing. It is one of our most requested digital marketing training requirements.

Tag Manager and Search Console

Google offers a couple of useful additional tools to complement Google Analytics. Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) with its keyword and crawl diagnostics data is an essential for those working on SEO. Tag Manager saves hours of development cost by giving marketing teams the ability to customise GA, add split testing software etc.

Phone tracking

Is your digital marketing encouraging people to pick up the phone? If so, we highly recommend investing in affordable call tracking software. Then, rather than a lead simply having come from ‘the website’, you know exactly which campaign to attribute the call to.

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