Why and when you might use chat

Streamline your sales process whilst improving the customer experience with conversation marketing tools.

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Boost conversions with automatic chat features

Conversation marketing is currently a hot topic right now. We're certainly seeing a greater take-up with our ecommerce clients right now. Conversation marketing is being able to respond immediately to a customer query at the point when they are ready to make a purchase. A delay might cause them to go and research elsewhere and potentially lose the sale. Typically it also saves the customer time and research even suggests that people increasingly prefer to use chat instead of phone support too.

The benefits to your business:

  • if you have limited resources to deal with customers
  • where there are repetitive processes & questions
  • it allows for data collection and feedback that can be assigned to a single customer view
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What’s the difference between Live Chat and a Chat Bot?

As the name suggests Live Chat is available when a person is available to respond immediately to a customer who has made contact using chat. Whereas a Chat Bot is a rule based app that uses series of pre-prepared answers to typical scenarios.

In reality for most companies, it is usually a combination of both where the bot takes over completely out with working hours but can still be part of the response to customers for common answers.

Typical Scenarios where Chat can help you:

  • lead generation for new business
  • as part of your sales process
  • customer support
  • data collection by customer to inform your single customer view

Want to know more?

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