10th/11th September: Two days off for the team whilst the summer is still here

It’s been a pretty long and tough six months for everyone.

To that end we have decided that closing the “office” for two days next Thursday and Friday will be to everyone’s benefit. I would be extremely grateful for your (our clients’) support of this attempt to give the team a break from the screens they have been glued to.

Unlike most agencies, we took a decision back at the beginning of lockdown to not furlough the team. We felt that “if ever there was a time our clients needed us, it’s now”.

And thanks to our client’s support and a huge amount of hard work from the entire team, our business and the vast majority of our clients have muddled through lock-down in reasonable shape. We’ve dealt with the surge in ecommerce and all the uncertainty of the ever changing challenges of the gradual reopening of the economy. And we’ve learned a lot too!

It seems that the country is currently enjoying a degree of normality and I’m keen that the team get a bit of a chance to enjoy this right now just in case, heaven forbid, life becomes more restricted again.

I also want to find a way of saying thank you to the team by giving them an extra couple of days off.  I’m obviously biased but we have an incredible team and they really deserve some recognition of that.

Sometimes getting people to take time off requires a bit of a nudge. The team have been incredibly resilient but I want to be sure everyone manages to down tools and ideally get a proper change of scenery for a few nights.  If like me, you have managed to get away (anywhere!) this summer you will know what a difference it makes.

So that’s why I’ve chosen fixed dates rather than just adding to an unused holiday pile.

I would therefore like to ask our clients to please:

  • Highlight any potential challenges with these two days as soon as possible so we can put a plan in place
  • Have a think about what work you may need us to do before the end of next Wednesday
  • Support the break as best as you can  (your account manager will be in touch with emergency contact methods but I’d obviously be incredibly grateful if you do your best not to use it 🙂

Obviously everything will be left in good shape on Wednesday night and those critical things that need looking after, will be looked after.

Thank you in advance for your support on this and of course all the support you have shown us throughout this period.

If you need any help in doing "digital" better don't hesitate to contact us.

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