#Attamadness: Lunchtime Chatter!

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So we’re half way through our Leap Day Challenge and the #attamadness is real! Our Attacats have busy collecting supplier contacts, developing brand guidelines and building websites.

“THE #Attamadness IS REAL”

This morning the business idea was finally revealed to the Attacats. The concept is a UK-based comparison site for blown wood pellet deliveries! The website will work to provide biomass customers to compare prices, order and re-order fuel whilst understanding the direction of prices of biomass fuels. The initial focus of the business will be comparing prices of blown wood pellets acting as cheaper efficient fuel alternative. Were any of you able to guess the business idea from the clues?

After the briefing, the Attacats were unleashed to get to work in their teams, ready to take on the challenge of building this business in a day!












– Action from Attacat HQ –

The branding team swiftly took to naming the business and we had a name by 11am (It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it) and thus… “The Woodpicker” was created.


– Danielle working on the logo – 

The progress has continued at an impressive speed here at Attacat HQ with a primary website developed by Chelsey and Austin! We also have a phone number, a truly impressive logo (Thanks Danielle)!

Woodpicker– The Woodpicker logo –

Big thanks to Fresh Revolution for supplying our delicious lunch of pulled pork rolls and frittata and ensuring we’re fuelled for the rest of the day. Keep up to date with us on Twitter and Facebook where you can see us LIVE in action.



– Megan & Lily hard at work #SocialSquad – 

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