To Bing or Not to Bing?

Do you focus all of your marketing budget on Google AdWords?

You would be in the same boat as most. It’s easy to get traffic, it’s well known to  be the biggest name in search and your customers are all there, just wanting to find you at the top of that glorious search page.

But what about Bing? how often we hear the words, ach no one uses Bing, I don’t use it, there’s no point, well well well, just imagine everyone thought like that….. Surely there would be less competition, surely that would mean the costs were less, surely that would mean that it would be easier to put yourself in front of potential customers.

Why Bing?

Did you know that Bing has a 21.6% market share in the UK (searchengineland 2016) and is used by 45% of UK searchers, and this is growing. Bing is what powers Siri, Alexa on Amazon Kindle, Echo and Uber. This means your customers are there, they are using Bing and in more numbers too. Bing is growing faster than Google, and eating into its market share. Since Windows 10 has launched more people are using Microsoft Edge (let’s hold up the pretence that it’s not just explorer) and this is pushing the use of Bing. The audience may be older, less techy, but they are a powerful bunch and are willing and able to spend money on brands so maybe it’s time to focus a little on this platform.


Couple these tasty stats with the fact that yes there is less competition, and yes the cost per click is cheaper and you have a nice little tool to generate some extra revenue. You won’t get the same overall revenue and traffic generated as you do through Google, however you will open yourself up to a market that while certainly not free of competition, offers solid exposure and costs per conversion.


What have we seen?

Well the clients that we have on Bing have seen some fantastic margins, with adspend:revenue ratios outstripping those of Google, the revenue overall is smaller than on the Behemoth of Google. However would anyone say no to some quick wins on a platform that offered solid results. If you’re brand is getting good results on AdWords then there is no reason at all why this can’t be replicated across on Bing. Some industries and brands will do much better on Bing due to the audience being slightly different, a bit older, more likely to have children and less tech savvy than those using other search engines. They also tend to spend more per person than users of other search engines.


Bing also has some nifty little features not currently available on Google, including image ads, which can make your search ads much more appealing, this visual enhancement to ads can really drive up click through rates, making people far more qualified, and whetting their appetite for products and services, making your brand stand out from the competition.


Over 840 million searches per month are driven through Bing in the UK, hardly making it a small player, people are searching there, your customers are there, new potential customers are there, you need to be there. We can help you on your way along with a free voucher for £100 when you sign up, what are you waiting for, let’s get you on Bing.


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