Call to action word choice

We’re always interested in the use of language and text in call to action buttons so I’ve had a look at some medium, large and some huge ecommerce sites to see what is currently popular.

What is immediately obvious is that at almost every retailer I looked at, in almost every case the calls began with “Add To…” See below:



The North Face



Sofa Workshop


Guitar Guitar


I actually had to hunt quite hard to find calls such as Buy Now or Buy Online. Thank you Pets At Home!

What I would really like to know is have these calls been chosen because they have been tested and shown to work better or is everyone just following the herd? There is no doubt that Amazon constantly test and even the smallest detail will be deliberate but can the same be said of Sofa Workshop or Guitar Guitar?

An interesting case study from Semorganic suggests there is a huge difference (although I would like to see some information on the statistical significance of these results). If their numbers are right Pets at Home could be closing the door to a lot of customers!

There are several other studies out there but what I would really like is for you to share your experience and any stats you have from your own testing and post them in the comments below.

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