George Street Bound:Attacats on the move


Update 04/04/11 – We are in!

Update 25/03/11 – The BYOB house warming is on the 7th and open to all friends of Attacat – let us know if you are coming on Facebook or Amiando


After almost doubling in size to 9 full-time staff in under 12 months something had to give, and, as our Stockbridge office was unresponsive to our wishes and prayers to grow another few feet, we had to find somewhere else to stretch out.

After 4 months of negotiations (yes really!) we finally reached agreement this morning on a pile of paperwork that would be big enough to fill our current office.

St Stephen Street has been Attacat’s base for seven years. I met my wife here 12 years ago (in a restaurant, not the office) and the street’s bars have accounted for a significant portion of my beer intake for more than 20 years. So it is with some sadness that my association with the street is coming to an end.

However things change and it is exciting to be moving on to bigger and better things.  It will also be a relief to no longer have to have my desk in the kitchen as I am now!

George Street

Our new address from Friday 1st of April will be………..

Third floor 86a George Street

3rd Floor, 86 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3BU.  The phone number will remain the same (0131 220 1441)

Don’t worry, we haven’t suddenly gone corporate.  Yes it’s an upgrade from the bunker and to us it’s pretty slick.  Your average lawyer though will still be pretty underwhelmed and our prices will not be changing!

We look forward to welcoming you there in due course and standby for the house warming party.

If you need any help in doing "digital" better don't hesitate to contact us.

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