Google Agency Event in Dublin Round Up

Yesterday I was at an event in Dublin, hosted by Google for its agency partners (that’s us!), where I was well looked after, educated and entertained royally. Luckily I wasn’t able to lay my hands on any Guinness until about 10.30 (evening not morning) so my head is reasonably clear today.

The highlight from my point of view was meeting “our team” within Google, who we work with on a day to day basis. It really helped clear up how the different individuals are able to add value to what we are doing, so here is a quick run down.

Catherine – our optimiser. She offers us a second opinion on our campaigns, particularly if we have a campaign that isn’t delivering as we feel it should do.

Ciaran – our account manager. Ciaran is our main day to day contact and also our man for technical support, particularly when things go wrong. He fends questions like “why isn’t this ad showing when it should be”. He also helps us get adverts through the editorial process quicker, allowing us to get new campaigns functioning at full speed more rapidly. One of the other bonuses he is able to offer us is speeding up the editorial process for us.

Adam – our relationship manager and reiki expert. Whilst helping us in a number of ways, perhaps the most interesting part of our relationship here is Adam giving us heads up and education on new products and features.

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