How to reduce the negative impacts of postal losses for customer service teams using Hubspot

Research from Citizens Advice found that over a single year, five and a half million (one in ten people in the UK) had a parcel lost or stolen (Citizens Advice, 2020-2021). A lost parcel might cause a customer to be angry at the courier; however, if your organisation hasn’t provided a choice of delivery option at checkout, some of that frustration is likely to be directed towards you.

At a time where creating long-lasting customer relationships has never been more important, ensuring the buying journey is seamless from when a customer lands on your website to when they open the parcel in their homes must be a priority for ecommerce companies. Not to mention the additional time and cost to your organisation of replacing and reorganising the delivery of parcels that get lost in the post.

In this video, Hannah Porter, Senior Inbound Marketing Manager at Attacat, shows you how HubSpot can help to increase the visibility of postal loss information for your company, and enable you to make data-driven decisions to save your customer service team time, money and to avoid a lot of frustrated customers.


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