New Media Breakfasts: Now free for all retained Attacat clients

About the Breakfasts

The New Media Breakfasts are good old fashioned offline presentations.  They run monthly in Glasgow and Edinburgh and periodically elsewhere (Aberdeen, Renfrewshire and Fife currently). They frequently attract audiences in excess of 100.

Each presentation focuses on an internet marketing related topic (invariably with a close connection to social media) and are aimed at businesses and organisations wanting to increase their understanding of what online marketing can do for them – a category all Attacat clients fall into!

Recent topics have included Personal Branding, Facebook for Business (if you missed this we will be covering the same ground in our next webinar) and Converting you to Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Regular speakers at the events include Gordon White of fatBuzz (who is the main force behind the breakfasts and the host) and myself.  Approximately every other presentation will be delivered by guest speakers who have included the likes of Gordon Macintyre-Kemp and Jennifer Holloway.


Diversion: Me showing off my iPhone skills by timelapsing the arrival of guests at a recent Glasgow breakfast

What’s Attacat’s connection to the breakfasts?

Over the past 18 months we have become increasingly involved in the breakfasts.  My initial one-off appearance at the breakfast has evolved into regular appearances.  Attacats have frequently filled the guest speaker slots (Ben, Joel and Kiril have all lead a presentation) and fatBuzz are kind enough to make us feel like we are joint venture partners in the Breakfasts, so much so that we now view it as part of the Attacat offering.

A value-add for our clients

Given this evolution we have decided that it is appropriate to cover the cost of any of our retained clients wishing to attend the breakfast. If you would like to come simply, let your account manager know instead of going through the regular booking channels.

Is this not Attacat giving away knowledge that clients would otherwise pay for?

Sure these breakfasts contain a lot of knowledge we do transfer to our clients as part of our day to day business. However knowledge is only a small part of developing a strong online presence for your business.  It’s the implementation that is key for most clients.

Another major challenge that many of our clients face is getting others in their organisation to “see the light” and therefore prioritise what needs doing.  The breakfasts, like our webinars, represent an opportunity for our clients to give these individuals a background knowledge.

Next Breakfasts

  • Social Media: Back to Basics – Edinburgh (11th August 2011)
  • Content is King – Glasgow (2nd September 2011), Edinburgh (15th September 2011)
  • Facebook for Business  – Fife (8th September 2011), In webinar format on 14th September 2011)

(full details on

Keep informed

Dates etc are always included in our monthly newsletter or you can add yourself to the New Media Breakfast mailing list.

A note of thanks

The New Media Breakfasts would not have been the success that they have become without the support of the partner organisations who do the promotion, organise the venues and tickets etc.  They are fatBuzz (Glasgow), Winning Entrepreneurs (Edinburgh), Empire (Aberdeen) and the Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce.  Thank you.

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