Newsletter – January 2022

Attacat holds its first internal conference

Which sounds a bit bizarre for a 20 year old business, but it is very much a reflection of today’s hybrid work environment. It’s increasingly difficult to get everyone in the same place on the same day, so by having a two day conference we had the chance to share some time together – both business and social.

We covered a wide range of topics including internal working practices to benefit our clients, what changes we expect to see from our technology partners such as Google and HubSpot and the business outlook for 2023.

We plan to hold a similar get-together every six months.

Steps to take before implementing GA4

As we’re all aware, the current Google Analytics is being retired in June and being replaced with GA4. We believe that this change is also a great opportunity to review cookies and consent policies as they will be impacted by this switch. Privacy and data measurement are going to change and we all need to understand and be able to communicate the consequences to our internal teams.

Having now got our collective heads around the pros and cons of GA4, we have put together a basic, intermediate and advanced package depending on your business requirements. To learn more and to organise a call to discuss, click on the button below.


Say hello to Kate

Kate Riddoch joins as project manager

We’re delighted that Kate has joined the team as project manager. Previously Kate worked for Smart Data Foundry, a not-for-profit, fintech start-up out of Edinburgh University that focused on synthetic data, data privacy and open finance.

As project manager, Kate will be focussing on HubSpot onboarding and GA4 projects for our clients.

Away from work, Kate enjoys cooking, eating out and does Pilates to keep fit.


Use HubSpot Custom Reports to inform your marketing strategy

HubSpot is a fantastic tool for gaining business insight that can help inform your marketing efforts. Since onboarding clients on to HubSpot we have been able to open up their customer and sales data using HubSpot custom reporting to help both us and them understand what is really working for their business and where planned marketing efforts should focus.

The easiest way to demonstrate the true value of custom reporting for gaining business insight is to take you through a real example of where we applied this for a client. We also have another post on the process you can run through if you want to try this for yourself:  Our process for gaining valuable business insight from HubSpot Custom Reports



More insights

There’s a lot more information, insights and “how to” articles in the Attacat Brain section of our website. Here’s our most recent:


1% for sustainable growth™ – Kenya project

We had a video call update from Matthew Norton of the Memusi Foundation at our recent conference about the co-working space in Magadi in Kenya that we are having built.

Matthew advised that the building is very nearly ready to be commissioned and that interviews are currently taking place with people who want to make use of the space for their business projects.

For more information about our 1% for sustainable growth™  initiative:


Career opportunity – Marketing Data Analyst

Full-time | Edinburgh Based/Hybrid Working | Competitive Salary

The immediate opportunity we can offer is the chance for you to help our clients move to Google Analytics 4 which offers an exciting new world in customer data collection and analysis. Attacat has already developed considerable expertise in GA4 but needs to expand the team to deal with a huge demand.




If you need any help in doing "digital" better don't hesitate to contact us.

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