Align your comms and create brand consistency with HubSpot sales tools

Prospective customers could have multiple interactions with your sales team before they decide to buy your product, and this will inevitably involve a number of admin tasks for your reps to complete. There could be countless emails to draft, queries to respond to or processes to follow, and it can be easy to get bogged down in the detail. 

The risk with all this is that it reduces the amount of available time for the more strategic side of sales such as building rapport with your prospects. According to a recent HubSpot survey, salespeople spend an average of 21% of their day writing emails and just one-third of their day actually talking to prospects. With multiple emails being generated across the team, it is more difficult to implement a consistent tone of voice and control how information is communicated, which could potentially harm your brand reputation.

Thankfully, HubSpot provides a suite of time-saving tools your team can use to make their processes more efficient. From templates and snippets to playbooks and sequences, there is an array of features you can start using today that will deliver a number of benefits to your business. They will save time, streamline activity and result in a more robust sales process that drives better conversions. Best of all, using these tools helps you develop and control tight messaging that aligns with your brand identity so that your comms to prospects are both consistent and professional. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the tools you can use to create efficiencies, improve your communication and develop a consistent brand voice.

Templates for instant email content

Any conversations your teams have with prospects will usually require some sort of email follow-up summarising the outcome of the conversation and details of the next steps. Although parts of the email will be customised, there will be other parts that are standard pieces of content used repeatedly on all emails. How is your team finding these bits of information – are they having to search an existing document? Or perhaps they are copying and pasting from a previous email? Either way, continually having to search for pre-written content is time-consuming. With HubSpot sales templates, you can create documented and on-brand versions of your most frequently used content for your sales team to easily slot into their emails with minimal effort. 

Below is an example of a sales follow-up template we have built which includes personalisation tokens for the contact’s name and company to boost engagement along with a link to the sender’s meeting calendar. The template will auto-populate with the contact’s personal information, hugely reducing the time required to draft the email from scratch. 

HubSpot sales template example

Snippets for repetitive content

In a similar way to templates, snippets enable you to document your most frequently used bits of content in a central location. They can be used in various parts of HubSpot such as email templates or chat conversations and are easily accessed with a simple # command. Use cases for snippets could be when you need to include your terms of service in an email, or if you are on live chat with a contact and they are asking for information about stock availability. In this case, you would simply type # followed by the snippet name and it will instantly pull the content onto live chat for you. 

Below is an example of how you could pull content relating to stock availability onto live chat using a snippet hashtag:

HubSpot snippet example

Saving repetitive content as snippets and templates provides many benefits for your sales and support teams. Brand consistency has been shown to increase revenue by 33%. Because these tools enable conversations with contacts that are on-brand, professional and consistent, they should positively impact your sales targets. They also ensure the correct information is delivered at the right moment and will save you time as reps are not having to build their content from scratch. 

Sequences for a series of follow-up emails

If your team has a well-defined series of steps for nurturing leads, sequences are an ideal way to automate the process. You can incorporate the templates tool to design a number of emails which are sent at appropriate intervals, including follow-ups with links to useful content, meeting links and other helpful information that might nudge the prospect that bit closer to buying your product. 

The automated nature of sequences will make life easier for your reps as they don’t need to create the email content themselves. Again, having a set of pre-written messages will give you the control you need to ensure any comms follow brand guidelines that provide consistent information to match your current processes and product offering. 

Playbooks for structured sales calls

Playbooks are another way to ensure any interaction your reps have with prospects remains structured and professional. They can feature a series of steps or questions that reps ask on phone calls where the answers are recorded centrally on the contact record, so that everyone has access to the information, creating alignment across teams. All the rep has to do is navigate to the playbooks section on the contact record, complete the required fields with the information from the prospect then log the call to save the answers to the contact record. 

HubSpot playbook example

One of the most typical use cases for playbooks would be during prospecting calls so that reps are asking the right questions and quashing the most common objections. They remove any uncertainty and ensure all angles are covered on the call, helping to build a meaningful profile of the prospect. As it helps the agent to appear organised and informed, it also builds a positive impression of your company and improves your brand image. 

Templates, snippets, sequences and playbooks are just some of the HubSpot tools you can use to achieve consistency with the way your reps are communicating with prospects. They will make life easier by removing mundane tasks and activities, and instead automating these with templated and robust processes. This will save time and present your company in a highly organised and professional way. 

Are you looking to achieve efficiencies with your processes and communication? As a HubSpot Platinum partner, Attacat are ideally placed to help you develop the right tools and processes to deliver consistency with your sales and service comms. Book a meeting today to find out more:


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