Newsletter – July 2022

Recession or new norm? Either way, let’s find the opportunities!


We’ve all got rather used to change over the last couple of years and it seems that change is on the way again. But with every threat comes opportunity.

In the latest article on the Attacat Brain, we discuss how “digital” has a key role to play in leveraging those opportunities and navigating any choppy waters that may be coming our way.

Team training this month: conflict resolution

Our agency-wide training programme continues and in the last month we have been focusing on conflict resolution and finding the win-win even when a win-lose is possible.

We all take away slightly different tips and tricks from the course, so here are my particular don’ts and dos!

– attempt to resolve conflict via email (always get on a video call or meet in person instead)
– present opinions as facts (say “I think”, “I feel” instead)

– recognise the effort and challenges of the person you are talking to
– (really) listen to understand what they are saying vs listening to work out what to say!
– end comments with (open) questions (“what do you think?” being as good as any)
– be prepared to take a break if things are going badly
– celebrate success when you achieve a win-win

What tips do you have for getting a win-win outcome?


We’re pleased to welcome the following new clients

Zing Performance (an innovative education support provider) – we are running Facebook and Google campaigns and combining them with nurture programs via their HubSpot CRM to drive new customers.

Chevron Traffic Management (a work-zone safety company) – We’ve installed the HubSpot Sales & Operational Hubs and have customised it around their business development process.


Graph showing profit

Improve your lead quality and generate more profit with lead scoring

Joan Lavery, Senior Inbound Marketing Manager looks at how lead scoring can help prioritise sales opportunities resulting in better conversion rates.

Lead scoring is a powerful tool that enables you to sort your hottest leads from your coldest ones so that your sales team can focus on nurturing the leads most likely to convert and stop wasting time on those that won’t.

In our experience, there’s no standard approach to lead scoring as priorities differ for each individual client, but one of the most common ways to assign points is to use data from past leads to create a value system.

In this article we show how lead scoring can be an effective tool for your business and help to generate more profit for you.

More insights

There’s a lot more information, insights and “how to” articles on our site. Here’s our most recent:

We’re still looking!

While we’ve had some recent success in recruiting some great new people we’re  still looking for talented individuals with digital experience for these roles:

Senior PPC Account Director  We are looking for an experienced Senior PPC Account Director to lead the day-to-day operations and contribute to the growth of the Attacat PPC team.

PPC Growth Manager to join the team and contribute to client and team growth.

And generally we are on the lookout for anyone with experience of (and a passion for) HubSpot.

For more information on any of the above please visit


If you need any help in doing "digital" better don't hesitate to contact us.

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