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Say hello to Kirsten

Kirsten McVey joins as our latest Inbound Marketing Manager. Previously Kirsten worked for the creative agency maclean, the digital agency Yard and on the client side, the online tyre company Blackcircles as their digital campaigns manager.

Kirsten joins Jenny, Hannah and Joan to strengthen the inbound marketing team. She’s currently fast tracking her HubSpot training.

Away from work, she has recently moved house and spends all her spare time turning it into a home. Please say hello.


What you need to be investing in following Google Marketing Live 2022

Once a year Google holds an annual jamboree for marketing professionals and agencies. It has now evolved into a global hybrid online/offline event.

There are product announcements galore to excite any digital marketing geek, but for me it’s a must watch event as it gives an important insight into not only what is new but also the likely future direction of travel. For this reason we always forensically digest each session whilst reading the tea leaves so we can advise clients on what they need to be investing in.

What were the key themes?

Privacy (aka measurement and personalised advertising in a post-cookie world), Ad Automation (both of targeting and creative) and search becoming a more visual and sticky experience.

So what does that mean about where you should be investing?

Returns process HubSpot

How to get out of an endless cycle of unprofitable returns

Your email pings and you have a notification of an unhappy customer review: they’re not happy with your returns process. They’ll never shop with you again and recommend no-one else does either.

Sound familiar?

A poorly managed return policy can affect profitability, due to lower customer loyalty and satisfaction. Conversely, an effective and efficient returns policy can improve customer lifetime value and retain revenue.

By adding Returns as a separate entity (better known as a “custom object”) within your HubSpot account – alongside your contacts, deals and support tickets – you can start to leverage your returns process as a way to improve your profitability.

Here’s 5 ways that using a HubSpot custom object to manage your returns can save you both time and money.


More insights

There’s a lot more information, insights and “how to” articles on our site. Here’s our most recent:


We’re still looking!

While we’ve had some recent success in recruiting some great new people we’re  still looking for talented individuals with digital experience for these roles:

Senior PPC Account Director  We are looking for an experienced Senior PPC Account Director to lead the day-to-day operations and contribute to the growth of the Attacat PPC team.

PPC Growth Manager to join the team and contribute to client and team growth.

And generally we are on the lookout for anyone with experience of (and a passion for) HubSpot.

For more information on any of the above please visit


If you need any help in doing "digital" better don't hesitate to contact us.

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