How to transform your marketing using ‘Free’: #nmbrek June


This month’s new breakfast, as ever in association with Fatbuzz and WeDo is on the topic of “Free” and how you can use it to transform your marketing both on and offline.  As usual we will be seeking to help business owners and marketers make sense of modern marketing.

The idea of giving away stuff for free is simple enough and not new but the internet has done two things to free that mean it deserves special attention in today’s world

  1. it’s made it possible to do many things for free; and

  2. it’s made “free” far more effective.

I’m going to look at how many of the the standout companies of the last decade have used these two facts to propel their growth.

But free is not just for “super hero” companies like Skype or Google. It is also totally applicable to “normal” businesses which is why I’ve teed-up a couple of interviews with regular local businesses who have successfully used “free” to stand out from the crowd and drive businesses.

My aim is not to give you a long list of tactics but to help you think differently about your business and marketing.  To give you context to many of your marketing activities, to highlight why some work and some don’t.

But shock horror, here’s the bad news. The breakfast on free is not free 🙁  … But it is almost 🙂   It’s only a few quid to cover the cost of venue and a bacon roll. Oh, there will be some free sweets.

The Edinburgh Breakfast is Thursday 13th June at Tigerlily on George Street.

The Glasgow Breakfast on the 28th at 29 in Royal Exchange Square.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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