PPC and SEO New Media Breakfast in Glasgow round up

I’m just back in Edinburgh having had the opportunity to present on Search Engine Optimisation and Pay per Click at this morning’s New Media Breakfast in Glasgow.

(The event is being re-rerun for Edinburgh folk on Thursday April 15th – Book now!)

It was a great turn out and thanks to everyone for coming along and participating.  Here’s the post seminar interview!

One of the best bits for me was the use of Twitter in the run up, during and after the event.  Here are some of my highlights from the #nmb hash tag stream that was being shown live during the presentation.  (not sure what’s up with Twitter’s apostrophes?)

Insight into what the audience are observing

A second opportunity to answer a question from the floor

Gordon smells a rat

Questions from beyond the room

And even a link up with a presentation happening in London

There are link building opportunities everywhere

And some nice feedback – thanks to all included below and all the others who were kind enough to take the time to Tweet.

Any further questions?

Send a tweet to @timbarlow and include #nmb in your tweet.  Or you could just comment below.

And just to reinforce a point I made today…

Q:  What’s been one of the best things we’ve done for our own SEO this week?
A:  Speak at New Media Breakfast of course!

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5 thoughts on “PPC and SEO New Media Breakfast in Glasgow round up”

  1. Attacat Joel says:

    Thanks to everyone who came along to today’s New Media Breakfast, and we hope you can make use of the information and the mugs! Please feel free to leave any questions you might have in the comments.

  2. Kyle Murdoch says:

    Thanks again Tim. Great presentation on SEO and PPC, I look forward to hearing you again at Edinburgh New Media Breakfast on Thursday April 15th. nnAll the best n@kjmurdoch

    • Tim Barlow says:

      Cheers Kyle. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you guys on this and looking forward to the Edinburgh one.

  3. David Goldie says:

    Great presentation today Tim. Pitched at just the right level for the audience.nnGood to catch up. nn@davorgoldie

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