What is customer experience and how can you use HubSpot’s survey tools to measure and improve it?

Customer experience (CX) is a buyer’s overall impression of the experience they had with your business. It is influenced by every interaction a customer has with your brand, from engaging with an ad and navigating your website to speaking to the sales team and receiving your product. 

Why is customer experience important?

When a customer has a positive interaction with your business, they’ll be more likely to buy from you again and share their experience with others, helping to increase referral business and boost your bottom line. After all, acquiring a new customer can be five times more expensive than retaining an existing one, so keeping loyal fans happy should be top of mind when formulating your business strategy.

Another benefit of providing great CX is that when customers are satisfied with your service, the volume of enquiries and complaints to your business will reduce. This will free up your time to concentrate on higher priority tasks and make your business processes more efficient. 

Clearly, when you don’t monitor the customer experience it could detrimentally impact your sales and brand reputation. Thankfully the survey tools provided by HubSpot enable you to gather feedback quickly and easily. In this blog, we’ll run through some of the survey functionality that you can start using today to measure and improve your CX.

How do you measure customer experience?

From post-sale experience to customer loyalty, there are several ways to gauge satisfaction levels using HubSpot’s feedback software. The beauty of these tools is their ability to automate the feedback process, so once up and running, there is minimal input required from your team to generate and deliver the surveys.

1. Customer Satisfaction Survey to improve brand perception

We’ll start with the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) which is designed to gather feedback on any aspect of a customer’s experience with your business. It can be delivered by email, online chat or on your website as a pop-up and is a really user-friendly way to measure experience.

We devised a CX strategy for a long-standing ecommerce client who needed to gain a better understanding of their customers’ gripes and how to deal with these in order to reduce the volume of enquiries to their service team. Using the CSAT tool, pop-ups are shown on their website to two types of user: repeat web visitors to gauge satisfaction with their online experience and contacts at the Customer and Evangelist lifecycle stages to gather feedback on their buying experience.

HubSpot CSAT survey

To complement the post-purchase pop-up, our client is also emailing the CSAT survey to customers to further encourage feedback on their purchasing experience. Thanks to the simplistic design of the survey, coupled with personalisation tokens to drive better engagement, the emails have delivered an above-average response rate of 38% to date. 

Using HubSpot workflow tools, any positive responses are immediately followed up with an automated thank you email encouraging customers to leave a Trustpilot review. The team will be notified of any negative responses so they can call the customer to explore and resolve the issue. The aim of this personalised approach is to leave the customer feeling happier with the overall level of service they have received and boost the company’s brand perception. 

2. Net Promoter Score to evaluate customer loyalty

Another option for measuring customer experience is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey which is used to evaluate both customer loyalty levels and churn rate i.e. the percentage of customers who do not convert to repeat visitors. The user-friendly design of the NPS survey yields a higher response rate and is therefore a popular choice for clients. 

NPS Survey Example Question

With this is mind, we recommended the NPS survey to a leading UK holiday park owner who were looking to implement feedback tools within their HubSpot platform. The simplicity of the NPS survey would deliver quick results, mainly to resolve issues as soon as they are identified, avoid escalation of the problem and reduce any potential damage to their brand reputation.

We used workflow functionality to customise the system: based on the customer’s deal stage, an email is triggered within one day of them checking out of a park, targeting visitors while the holiday experience is fresh on their minds. The results of the survey are used to guide ongoing service improvements and follow-up communications to customers.

3. Custom survey to drive service improvement

With HubSpot you can design custom surveys to satisfy specific use-cases for measuring the customer experience. For example, we developed a more lengthy departure survey for the holiday park operator to gather feedback on various aspects of their service, from reception and the arrivals process, to housekeeping and park maintenance. 

The survey can be edited to suit the changing needs of the business and features open-ended questions to encourage more qualitative feedback and deeper insight into service performance. 

Whenever they receive negative feedback, automated tasks are triggered for the customer care team to follow up the complaint with a phone call. As a result of service improvements following survey feedback, the percentage of respondents who rated the holiday park accommodation as ‘Excellent’ rose to 66%, an increase of 5% within a three-month period. 

Departure Survey Accommodation Rating

Additionally, more than a quarter of respondents who said that they would book another holiday within the next 12 months have already done so, demonstrating the positive impact a well-executed CX strategy can have on your business. 

Monitoring customer satisfaction levels brings many benefits to your business: it enables you to reach out to unhappy customers and fix their problem, quickly identify and fix service issues before they escalate, and generate more profit through repeat and referral business from a growing pool of satisfied customers.

If you’d you like to implement a customer feedback system with minimal hassle and maintenance, we can help! As a Platinum HubSpot Partner, Attacat are ideally placed to help you monitor and improve your CX with HubSpot survey tools. Book a meeting to get the conversation started:




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