A Hume-ongous uplift...

How we helped this historic retailer increase conversion rates in time for Christmas

  • Reviewed check-out process
  • Made small tweaks to better optimise
  • Simplified the process visually and technically
  • Achieved a 32% uplift in conversion rate

Who are A Hume?

A Hume is a prestigious retailer of fine country clothing with a heritage that goes back over 80 years. Since joining the world of e-commerce in 2007, they have been successfully striving to deliver the same high-class customer service that has become synonymous with their Kelso boutique.

The challenge

Initially asked to look at their website to see what easy changes could be made to improve its conversion rate, we were keen to achieve a change with minimal development requirements. When optimising a site we will quite often see big opportunities which could provide a huge improvement. The problem here, however, is that big changes usually lead to big development costs.

The approach

One easy opportunity, however, lay in the checkout process. Since we wanted to avoid a costly checkout redesign, we primarily focused on the layout and messaging of some of the key steps that would smooth and speed up the experience for the user.

We obviously had to be careful to isolate user paths so that only the original or treatment variations were seen throughout the entire journey.

Step 1 – Login


What we did here is actually deceptively simple. We:

  • added an express checkout, essentially just the same as ‘Register an Account’ but without the requirement for a password further down the line
  • renamed ‘New Users’ as ‘Register an Account’ and added an explanation of the benefits
  • reduced the prominence of the forgot password function.

Step 4 – Billing details


Although the length of the page has obviously been greatly reduced, we did not actually remove a huge amount of content.

  • The shipping details were previously expanded by default. Our treatment only shows them when they are different to the billing details.
  • Having found out that almost no one was opting out of receiving order updates, we removed this option.
  • Saved baskets now only apply to customers who create an account.
  • A slight tweak to the text made the price and call to action much larger.

The solution

The overall result of these changes meant a page which is much cleaner and easier to understand. It guides the user and clearly highlights the next action they need to take. A combination of the changes above gave us a whopping 32.6% uplift in conversion rate. After waiting for the test to reach statistical significance (99.9% in this case), we were able to conclude that the treatment variation should be implemented immediately, just in time for the peak Christmas trading period.

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