Growth and transformation strategy

Let’s set out the vision and the roadmap for you to make the most of the digital opportunity to drive growth and profit.

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Think long-term,
find the quick wins

“Who do you want to be online?”, “Who do you want to serve?” and “How?” are all questions we can help you answer.

We’ll help you set out a long term strategy whilst identifying the quick wins.

We’ll work out the role you need to play in your customer’s life. We'll plan out your technology requirements. And we'll work out how to bring your customer data together into “one single version of the truth”

Core skills

Competitor and market analysis

Branding and creative direction

Content experience and asset auditing

Skills gap analysis

Customer journey mapping

Lead generation strategy

Ecommerce strategy

"Attacat have been key to our growth, changing and adapting the campaign to maximise our sales."

- Anna White, ScotlandShop Owner

The Attacat difference

How does growing revenues and profits by 15% each year for the next 10 years strike you?

That’s what many of our clients are achieving. If you are looking for a partner for the long term, we’re the digital agency for you.

Grow together

The heart of our strategy will be to marry your passions with those of your customers so all stakeholders benefit.

This can then be mapped to our continually evolving growth framework to deliver experiences across the whole customer journey. The aim being to add to your customers’ day to day lives which in turn will deliver growth for you.

We will also make recommendations on the technology you have in place or need and consider how to bring all your customer data together. All with a sharp eye on the all-important financial measures.

It’s the plan that we hope to be able to work with you in partnership for many years to come.

Abstract plus art by Rosco Brittin

Let's talk growth

Abstract plus art by Rosco Brittin

Arrange a free consultation to find out what growth could mean for you.