Google Analytics 4 migration webinar

Recorded 28th April 2023

Watch this non-technical webinar to help you understand whether you are in good shape ahead of the Univeral Analytics sunset at the end of June.

This non-technical webinar
covers the following:

  • What's involved in making the move
  • Why Google’s automated transfer will almost certainly not be enough
  • Why those who say GA4 is not as good are wrong
  • Various ways GA4 can be used
  • How to interpret the new reports
  • How you can readily customise reports so you get the numbers you want.
  • How to answer advanced questions
  • Why it’s a must for Google Advertisers
  • How privacy concerns are being addressed

Who should attend?

  • Those responsible for business growth
  • Those who haven’t yet made the move
  • Those who have made the move but are struggling to get to grips with it
Abstract plus art by Petr Strnad



Tim Barlow

Managing Director, Attacat

With 20+ years business experience in the digital marketing industry, Tim has spent a large portion of the last 18 months getting to grips with GA4. In this webinar he shares his hard-won knowledge and the outline process he has developed to ensure GA4 meets business needs.