The Attacat business mugshot tool

  • Provides an easy-to-digest overview for any business
  • Helps to identify gaps in your offering and opportunities for developing your product or service
  • Can be used for individual marketing plans or campaigns
  • Anyone can use  it!


The Business Mugshot is not just for visionaries and game changers

Our Business Mugshot tool will help you to define the ‘now’ and paint a vision for the future, allowing you to gain insight as you go. We encourage you to come back to your mugshot and make changes as they happen in real life; that is the best way to use it.

Whether you are a visionary with radical, boundary-breaking ideas or whether your focus is on the day-to-day, it is designed to allow a glimpse into the possible future by helping you see value gaps within your business. Most importantly it inspires ways in which to fill them.



But seriously, we use it all the time

  • As a model to pitch new ideas and solutions
  • To help us realise and visualise our client’s potential
  • As a mirror to reflect and take stock of where we are right now, while representing where we want to be.
  • To meet unfulfilled, ignored or new customers’ needs
  • As a starting point for an entirely new business or project
  • As an aid to our marketing plans and project planning

*includes printable and editable versions of the Attacat Business Mugshot, as well as handy instructions to help use it efficiently.

Learn how to use the Attacat Business Mugshot

  1. Download the Attacat Business Mugshot
  2. Choose the section you feel is a natural starting point and use the instructions to guide or inspire you
  3. Get scribbling away

We have found it helpful to throw in some section sub-headings based on our instructions (it is easier to read when you go back to it later), as you can see below.


For the more free-spirited, feel free to jump from section to section as ideas come to you. If you are a more systematic type, then start with the first section in the instructions, ‘Value’ and follow the prompting questions one by one.



Checklist for capturing your Business Mugshot

These four items are essential when sitting down to complete your Business Mugshot – especially the first one.


Mugshot2 Google Docs


I’ve completed the Attacat Business Mugshot – now what?

The idea is to identify ‘value gaps’; problems which may need addressing or ideas that can propel you forward. Get a highlighter and pick out areas that jump out at you.

Mugshot Google Docs3

Licensey stuff

The Attacat Business Mugshot has been heavily inspired by and unselfishly derived from the inspirational Business Model Canvas. We have sought to simplify the original layout and language, as well as add a splash of Attacat colour to make it easier for marketing types (like us). As with the original canvas, we want you to use it again and again – lots, all the time… All we ask is that, if you want to publish, promote or tweak our version, you show us some love – include our Business Mugshot page address ( so that others can find our handy little tool.

We would like to hear from people using our tool, too, so give us a shout on and tell us what you think.

Now the official stuff: we have licensed the Business Mugshot under the Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 terms. This means we are happy for you to share and remix our work (the very idea makes us positively giddy). All we ask is that you give us credit and share any variations you make with others under a similar licence – pay it forward and all that.

The Attacat logo, characters and illustrations are all rights reserved under copyright, so please do not alter these or use them in any derived versions. Sorry, we are too fond of them to share.

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