Tech stack deployment

Technology that enables rather than hinders growth and delivers seamless customer experiences.

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Technology that works for you and your customers

We’ll get the right tech stack in place for your business to thrive. Technology that is an enabler rather than “just” an expenditure.

We’ll deliver integrated systems that provide a “single version of the truth” so customers enjoy seamless experiences.

We’ll deliver systems that your customer-facing teams can continuously evolve themselves. They’ll no longer need to turn to a developer every time they want to change a process or add functionality to a site.

We’ll also provide the strategy and the training so your teams can make the most of the tech and you realise a real return on investment. We’ll stick with you for the long term.

Core skills

Growth driven design

Ecommerce platforms

Customer experience platforms

Marketing automation


Ticketing systems

Data transformation

HubSpot integrations

Shopify integrations

Legacy system integrations

"I would just like to say how much we love Hubspot and it is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Thank you for your assistance with it!"

- Anna White, ScotlandShop Owner

A marketing-led approach to technology

We're driven by a need to deliver effective marketing and sales rather than keeping programmers employed.

As Scotland's only Google Premier and HubSpot Platinum Partner, we are recognised as having the depth & breadth of expertise you need to grow.

The modern, cost-effective approach to technology

Using cloud-systems where practical

You get enterprise level functionality fast and for a sensible price because we are expert software configuration experts primarily. Our developers are deployed on the demanding stuff, not the everyday stuff.

This approach of using cloud-based systems (such as HubSpot and Shopify) mean thorny tech issues like security and system demand management are the cloud providers' headache, not yours. Instead our joint teams are free to focus on delivering helpful experiences for customers.

Agile methodology

We apply the agile “Growth Driven Design” methodology to web development which has been proven to deliver more revenue faster. It delivers websites on time and to budget.

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"Attacat and HubSpot have totally transformed our business. It’s like night and day."

- Stacey Gibson, Group Communications Director at Verdant Leisure

Attacat's journey to offering tech solutions

We’ve long been aware of how the development and maintenance of websites and technology can suck the life out of marketing and growth. If you’re a business owner who's lost months to debugging and managing techies, you’ll know where we're coming from!

We’ve always looked for solutions that allow us to progress without needing to bother a developer.

As the net has matured, those solutions have multiplied and evolved to a point where most of what’s needed can now be done without developers. That’s what cloud based systems offer and that’s the opportunity we’ll leverage on your behalf.

Got technology challenges?

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Send over your questions and we will put you in contact with one of our experts.

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