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Optimising your Blog Post: 10 tips

Sometimes writing a beautifully unique blog post isn’t enough to get see through the online masses. By optimising your blog post with these simple tips, you can give it the best chance possible of being seen.

Anatomy of Wordpress theme

LINK: Tinker with WordPress themes

At Attacat we like Wordpress. It’s good to have a bit of knowledge as to how the themes work so that you can make tiny tweaks if required, and that’s where the chaps at Yoast have helped out by providing a cool infographic that explains the mains ‘chunks’ of a Wordpress theme.


SEO, Blogging & Google Analytics: JCiEdinburgh – Social Media Academy Seminar

Google Analytics & SEO (focussed more around blogging) given to the Junior Chamber International (Edinburgh)


Blogging: The SEO benefits and 9 tips for improving your blog’s ranks

I’ve just finished doing a quick slot on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits of blogging at this morning’s New Media Breakfast in Edinburgh. Here’s what I had to say, together with some additional perspective on some of the issues I didn’t have time to delve into.
Blog for SEO?
Do we recommend blogging as […]

The Pope

Pope’s Edinburgh Visit: Traffic info for the Blogging New Media Breakfast

The Edinburgh New Media Breakfast this month coincides with the Pope’s visit to town.
(Tickets & Info about this Breakfast | More about New Media Breakfasts (#NMB))

You nibble my back, I'll nibble yours

Just Ask: A Way to Get Blog Comments

A cynics view maybe, but there’s more than a grain of truth in this old quote:
Blogging: never has so much been said by so many to so few.
One way people will gauge if your blog is one of the exceptions, is if your posts get comments. But getting people to comment is easier said […]

No Recent Brain Waves

Blogging: The Art of Maintaining Momentum

I’m back from a few days off and….Shock horror, look what’s happened!

Quel Désastre! Nobody has added anything to the brain for a whole week!

New Media Breakfast

New Media Breakfast: Using social media for sales (specifically!)

Yes Social Media can be used for marketing etc, but how about as a tool for actually delivering sales? This was the focus of Gordon Mackintyre-Kemp’s presentation at this morning’s New Media Breakfast in Edinburgh.
Gordon (from Intelligise) kicked off with a number of questions […]

Digg: Time to take it seriously?

I’m a Digg Luddite. There, I admitted it.

Digg, the social news site, has been on my radar for years. I’ve spoken to many a savvy Internet marketer that salivates over it. I’ve seen it used in powerful ways for SEO. But whenever I tried […]

London SMX Advanced: Give It Up Social Media Edition

Our popular Give It Up! session is where our panel of experts share some of their favourite and largely overlooked tips. Then we turn to the audience for more sharing. At SMX Advanced London, we’re introducing our social media edition of the panel, where you’ll learn some fantastic ways to gain even more traction, traffic […]

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