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The connect product screen in Data Manager

Google Ads’ new HubSpot connector: Data Manager

Google recently announced a new product Google Ads Data Manager.  HubSpot was included as a launch partner.  As ...
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Creating Dashboard Filters in HubSpot

When creating multiple reports and dashboards in Hubspot, you might run into the issue where you've used up ...
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Using Hubspot’s Chatflows for Marketing Promotions

Hubspot’s chatflows have traditionally been viewed as a customer service tool for helping answer customer concerns and questions. ...
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Advanced lead nurturing in HubSpot

Advanced Lead Nurturing With HubSpot

If you are an ecommerce company, you don’t want to be targeting a prospective customer with a product ...
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Attacat is now a Diamond HubSpot Partner

We have just been promoted into the Diamond tier of HubSpot partners!!  🎉🎉  This “badge” places us as ...
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How we used HubSpot Custom Reports to to inform our client’s marketing strategy

HubSpot is a fantastic tool for gaining business insight that can help inform your marketing efforts. Since onboarding ...
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question marks

Our process for gaining valuable business insight from HubSpot Custom Reports

There is so much insight in HubSpot that it can be difficult to know where to start. That ...
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Why use HubSpot CRM

What is a CRM and how will it benefit your small business?

Ready to take your business to the next level? CRM software can get you there. Rather than an ...
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How Live Chat can really help your customers

Something many organisations constantly try to balance is the desire to be as helpful to their online customers ...
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