An eight point checklist for GA4

Last week, with time fast running out, ahead of the old Google Analytics sunset, we ran a webinar about the new version, GA4.

It’s very much our view, that Google’s claim to automatically set-up GA4 “for you based on your current settings” is going to lead to trouble for many.  Certainly the automatic transfers we’ve seen, have very limited functionality.

And that’s why I shared this checklist at the end of the webinar:

  1. Consent in place?
  2. Are all the events I need being reported?
  3. Are my conversions set and grouped for easy reporting?
  4. Are the numbers the same as GA3 (or differences understood)?
    • Users, sessions, page views
    • Revenue, transactions and other conversions
    • Channel splits
  5. Is everything I regularly look at in the standard reports?
  6. Do I understand the language of the new reports?
  7. Google Ads switched to GA4 conversions with necessary data?
  8. Is my data being retained (BigQuery)?

There are many GA4 checklists out there, but this is designed for the specific purpose of helping you to get in good shape ahead of the deadline on 30th June.

It’s based on the assumption that at this stage you:

  • only want to use GA4 for your website; and
  • are predominantly interested in getting it to take over the job GA3 is doing for you currently
  • want to avoid a disruption to your Google advertising

That’s clearly not using GA4 to its full potential, but, for most, that is a conversation for another day.

To answer each of the above eight questions, you do need to have, or need to develop, a good understanding of things.  So, if you missed the webinar, don’t worry, you can still watch it.



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