Analytics Homework: The 5 tasks given to participants at New Media Breakfast

Attacat Ben was talking this morning at the Glasgow New Media Breakfast on his pet topic of Google Analytics.  (The presentation will be repeated in Edinburgh next week)

Ben set the attendees five bits of home work that they could do today to make changes that will improve their site.

Attacat Analytics Charachter

1. Referring Traffic with Goals

Identify the referring sites delivering you the most goals.  Think what you can do to increase the number of visitors from that site.  Can you build a relationship with that site?  Can you convert the existing traffic more easily.

Google Analytics – Referrals and Goals from Attacat Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

2. Keywords Report with Goals

Find the 10 keywords driving the most conversions (goals).  Then see where you are ranking in the organic listings.  Then seek to improve the ranks on these phrases where you can.

3. In-site search

Your home work is to either set it up, or to examine the report.  Look at the top ten searches and then put them into the search box on your site.  Can you improve the experience?  Could you stock the product they are looking for?

4. Play with Advanced Segments

In the Analytics dashboard, have a play with advanced segments.  Look for rises and falls in particular segments when compared against the rest of your segments.  This sounds much more complicated than it is:

  1. In the “Dashboard” (first report page you come to) click the “All Visits” button
  2. Analytics All Visit Button in Dashboard

  3. Select the three major traffic source segments (Search Traffic, Direct Traffic and Referral Traffic in addition to the all visits one that was pre-selected)
  4. Advanced Segment Selection

  5. Look for lumps and bumps!
  6. Analytics Lumps and Bumps

5. Utility pages on Exit Page Report

Exit pages can be difficult to read but if you focus in on the “utility pages” (delivery page, faq, about us) then you can get insight.  When someone visits these pages, they have a question in mind.  If you have a high exit rate, that question is not being answered.  Try to work out what that question could be.

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