Facebook in Renfrewshire: The New Media Breakfast lands at Linwood

This morning sees the first New Media Breakfast being run in conjunction with Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce and of course fatBuzz.

It’s an updated version of the Facebook event recently run in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  The speakers are fatBuzz’s Gordon White and our very own Attacat Joel.  Hannah took full notes last time which you can read here.  I’ll try to capture the updates below.

The event was kicked off with the trailer for the forthcoming Facebook film (bound to be an Attacat trip if you want to join us).

Gordon noted the stats showing social media use exceeding use of search engines for the first time in May (Attacat view: think quality not quantity 😉 )

But how does it fit into marketing? Proctor & Gamble aim to establish meaningful Facebook communities around all their brands in 2010. Should you be doing the same?

A fun and at the time, ground breaking, use of Facebook was the Ikea photo tagging viral featured in this video

Privacy Update

Look into Facebook places settings in privacy. It’s possible, with the default settings, that your friends can check you into places without you being there and without your permission (been to a brothel recently?). Easily changed in your settings.

New Case Studies

Phoenix Car Company, a leading Scottish Car Dealer are providing the venue for this mornings event, so some time was spent looking at their Facebook page.

(Attendees arriving for the breakfast at Phoenix Honda)

Phoenix Honda New Media Breakfast

Attacat Joel looked at how BrewDog (the social media savvy Scottish brewer) could use Facebook ads to attract drinkers into their Aberdeen pub using Facebook ads.

Apparently there are still 80 wannabee ninjas in Edinburgh (according to Facebook profiling options)

I’m sure I missed other updates but there’s masses on the post from the previous Facebook event.

Thanks to Renfrewshire Chamber for having us!

If you need any help in doing "digital" better don't hesitate to contact us.

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