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Colin MacKay

March Month In Numbers

So not much has happened in March, we have heard nothing about Facebook, or data, not a peep. So I guess we can just let this month drift into the annals of history as the month that social media forgot… Well okay, there may be the small matter of a little data company taking some […]

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Attacat Dani

Optimising your LinkedIn profile #nmbrek

Thursday morning I had the pleasure of attending my first New Media Breakfast in Edinburgh with the topic this month being LinkedIn, presented by Gordon White from fatbuzz in Glasgow. While it required me to get out of bed much earlier than usual (and fill myself to the brim with coffee), I was intrigued about how […]

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C’mon Don’t Be Pin-Shy: 5 Good Reasons Your Business Should Be Pinning Now

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Attacat Tim

Entrepreneurial Marketing: My personal search for a phrase that sums up how I see marketing today

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