How Live Chat can really help your customers

Something many organisations constantly try to balance is the desire to be as helpful to their online customers as possible without overwhelming their customer service team with never-ending enquiries – where the questions might be the same over and over again – especially during busy periods.

Live chatbots on websites are one way that technology can help to solve this problem, but companies might still be hesitant to use a chatbot because they’re concerned visitors may get frustrated with the online customer service experience.

But as ever with technology, times are changing. It was estimated that by the end of last year, 85% of customer interaction would be handled without human agents, helping to cut operational costs by up to 30% (Small Biz Genius).

At Attacat, we have been working with clients to use HubSpot to create targeted, automated bot actions to allow customers to help themselves before needing to be in touch with a human agent, helping to create more efficient and effective customer service teams, as well as more satisfied customers.

In this video, Hannah Porter, Senior Inbound Marketing Manager at Attacat, will show you an example of how a HubSpot chatbot can look up the status of shipments, allowing customers to keep track of their orders via a channel and at a time of their choice.


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